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The art of celebration reaches Lightspeed

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Lightspeed | MASSIVart - Event Management

The Project

MASSIVart works with Lightspeed on various company celebrations including annual parties and staff appreciation events.

From time traveling to superheroes and cozy cabin getaways, the party themes, decor, and design elements are carefully curated by the MASSIVart team in order to ensure memorable moments and experiences for all staff and attendees.

As a highlight, we organized the grand opening of Lightspeed’s impressive downtown Montreal headquarters which didn’t disappoint in their reputable sense of celebration. Futuristic projection mapping, smoke machines, unexpected music, and other interactive elements were presented throughout the distinguished event. Costumes, makeup, and burlesque dancers were on point for the “Illusion” themed party, bringing guests into a peculiar masked ball. Laser rooms, caps, and masks made the SuperLightsSpeeders one outstanding night of adventures and champions.

MASSIVart is honored to work with a company that pushes creative boundaries and always ensures our clients receive outstanding creative and technical quality for each of our uniquely crafted celebrations.

Photo credits: Bruno Destombes - Lightspeed