Making diversity count

MASSIVart is looking for artists, creators and professionals working in the digital sector. We are currently developing a directory to support more inclusive organizational practices and cultural diversity. This directory aims to provide a platform for professionals of the digital sector from visible minorities* through which they can be contacted for potential projects and job offers that match their expertise.

Therefore, we are launching a public campaign in cultural communities and digital networks to gather profiles interested in joining this directory. To do so, interested people are invited to complete the online forme here.

Targeted digital sectors: Interactive media, Digital arts, Video games, Photographs, Visual arts, Design, Music, Podcasting, Sound recording, Animation, Film, Television

*Visible minorities are defined based on the Employment Equity Act definition as persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour and include Chinese, South Asian, Black, Filipino, Latin American, Southeast Asian, Arab, West Asian, Japanese, Korean, other visible minorities and multiple visible minorities. (Source: Statistics Canada)

MASSIVart fait rayonner
la créativité québécoise en Chine.

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Art Toronto 2018 in Full Swing

Art Toronto’s 19th edition was in full swing this past weekend in Toronto. The city’s largest art fair presents artwork from leading Canadian and international galleries combined with PLATFORM, an engaging series of lectures and panel discussions from prominent art world figures, custom curated art installations, an extensive VIP Program, and top-tier cultural offerings throughout the city.
Here’s a glimpse into what inspired us most:

Digital printed textiles by Josi Smit

3D art by Gabriele Beveridge

Lego skulls by Matt Donovan

Hand-sculpted pieces by Paul Rousso

Oil paintings by Cornelius Volker

Installations by Curtis Santiago

Look out for MASSIVart TO at next year’s 20th anniversary!

Meet Our New Toronto Managing Partners

We interviewed Coralie Olson, the Managing Partner of MASSIVart Toronto. 

– Tell us a little about your background and past work experience?

My experience covers working with leading global brands in the retail, luxury, lifestyle, fitness, financial, automobile, and technology spaces. I have an extensive background in Business Development, Marketing, Digital Advertising and Public Relations management – and an established track record in taking companies to the next level. I’ve developed and executed several successful integrated and award-winning campaigns. My client-relations experience has allowed me to provide guidance and strategy direction that delivers outstanding bottom-line results.

My backgrounds provide agency and client-side experience bringing forth relevant industry insights and advanced client relations skills.

– What drew you to MASSIVart?

I worked with MASSIVart in a client capacity for a project in Toronto and was impressed their creativity, access to a multitude of art forms and their capacity to generate engaging ideas for the brands and platforms I worked with. I was also enthralled with their client service and ability to be flexible and deliver a quality finished product in line with their creative conceptualization. It was clear to me that there was a gap in the marketplace for a company with their unique network and service offering and an obvious growing demand for public connection and experiences. Given my passion for art and design and a business development/marketing background, I was thrilled to join a company that combined my interests!


– What do you bring to MASSIVart?

Aside from on-the-ground leadership in a new market, I bring MASSIVart experience and expertise in business development, marketing, public relations, branding, strategy development, collaborations, creativity and a significant local and global network.

– How does what MASSIVart offers fit into Toronto’s cultural/art scene and is there a need for it?

Being one of the most multicultural cities in Canada with well-traveled audiences, I believe Toronto is not only ready for but craving more inspiration and memorable experiences. That said, the desire for art and culture in the city has never been more prevalent as seen via crowds, excitement and elevated community engagement at recent activities such as Bjarke Ingels’ Serpentine Pavilion, TIFF, Toronto Fashion Week, TO Light Fest, Toronto Ice Festival, Artist Project, the Beach’s Winter Stations, AGO’s Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibition, Bata Shoe Museum’s Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes, ROM’s Dior exhibit, not to mention, countless compelling brand activations and events. I feel, now more than ever, that people are looking for greater connectivity, authentic experiences and emotional memories that are often driven by advanced creativity.

– What would be your dream project and/or client?

I love collaborating with developers and architects to put the finishing touches on their projects with art that enhances and integrates into their design aesthetic seamlessly. I’m also highly passionate about unique content generation and collaborations as I love to imagine and bring projects to life. My dream project would be bringing a renowned (luxury) brand and an inspiring artist together to collaborate on a bespoke campaign or project. I love capturing audiences and taking brands to new levels.

– Why did you choose to work in the art and culture space?

I’ve always had a passion for design so when the opportunity came up to combine my love for art and design, as well as, the chance to embark on a more entrepreneurial career path, I had to jump on it. Also, I’ve traveled extensively around the world so applying the inspiration I’ve been privileged enough to experience in my work was extremely appealing to me.

– What kind of art speaks to you the most?

While I appreciate various periods of influential art movements, I gravitate towards contemporary art, as well. I’m highly drawn to anything with water and bright captivating hues.

That’s too hard a question to answer as art is so subjective and what appeals to us the most can sometimes change based on our moods.


A few images of some of our favorite projects from this past year.



« The MASSIVart team was thrilled to conceive this mural for CBC’s brand activation at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. Cohen’s words are powerful and we wanted to pay tribute to this wonderful Montreal artist in a participative way that would engage with the public. »

Philippe Demers, CEO, MASSIVart

Discover the project



« The Suite 1742 now includes interactive installations presenting archival material from the eight days stay of those leading figures of the peace and love movement. »


Discover the Suite 1742 here



« Six internationally highly acclaimed contemporary artists and design teams were invited to create a unique art installation taking inspiration from a specific wine variety that is part of the VQA Ontario portfolio. »

Toronto Guardian

Discover the event and the artists here



« The collection features works by 37 contemporary Canadian artists displayed on 21 floors. A large portion of the artwork is exhibited in the public areas of the hotel. Because of this initiative, the hotel is now positioned as an artistic destination in Montreal. »


Discover the collection here



MASSIVart is proud to have presented NOR MIND, a digital art installation by Daniel Iregui, at WUJIE International New Media & Art Exhibition in Huangshan, China. By supporting this approach, MASSIVart reaffirms its aspiration to promote Canadian creative talents beyond North American borders.

Read 关于亿品 EPEAN’s event report



In collaboration with MASSIVart, artist Jason Cantoro created custom-made artworks inspired by the environment of the hotel.

Discover his work


Thanks to our distribution partner V2COM, first international newswire specialized in design, architecture and lifestyle. 



2018年5月,Chromatic艺术节在蒙特利尔美术学院旧址这一出人意料的地点举行。这一次,Chromatic召集了许多艺术家、创意人士和普通大众参与各项为参与者准备的丰富活动(Chromatic Expo、Nuit、Pro和Kids)。2018年的Chromatic艺术节再次汇集了数千位热爱艺术、创新和文化的人们。





KIDS一如往常大获成功,家长们甚至想加入孩子们一起参加活动。瑜伽、手工坊、发光艺术、全息摄影和音乐制作等节目都可以在这个趣味横生的活动中找到。MASSIVart致力于为年轻一代介绍创意和艺术并鼓励其创造,并以此作为每年艺术节的重点之一。孩子们与Laetitia Gilbert纸屋(完美拍照点和纪念地)等装置互动,脸上扬起的无尽笑脸让人满足不已。

感谢每一位参与第九届艺术节并让它成为一场难忘盛事的人们。2019年将是Chromatic Festival的十周年,我们绝对会为大家策划无数惊喜,与大家一起分享和庆祝!





该系列包含123件艺术作品,主要由魁北克和加拿大其它地区的艺术家作品组成,展现了蒙特利尔现代艺术界的面貌。该酒店坐落于蒙特利尔中心地带,可供访客和顾客欣赏包括Patrick Coutu、Michel de Broin、Geneviève Cadieux和Nicolas Grenier等在内的众多著名艺术家创作的精彩作品。艺术作品的选择及其与建筑整体设计相融的工作,均由MASSIVart首席艺术策划人兼合伙人Arthur Gaillard携手艺术顾问Camille Lalonde-Lachapelle策划完成。


“艺术提升品质(Enhance Through Art)”是我们信奉的箴言,展现了我们在推动视觉艺术发展的同时为空间带来的额外价值。通过费尔蒙伊丽莎白女王酒店这一策划项目,MASSIVart艺术品部门成功展示了其艺术市场经验和考虑环境与空间的国际化设计 的能力。这一馆藏级艺术品系列完美证明了,创意、艺术和美学是如何提升生活空间品质的,更巩固了MASSIVart作为艺术市场专家和加拿大乃至全球艺术界主要参与者的地位。


以Paul Hardy的作品Drift Glow为例,它专为酒店的餐厅创作而成,与建筑风格严丝合缝,完美提高了餐厅的国际化体验。

最终,MASSIVart Collection为我们的顾客Ivanhoé Cambridge——费尔蒙伊丽莎白女王酒店所有者——提供了另一个长期投资机会,为他提供了一系列独特的魁北克、加拿大和国际艺术作品。这些精心甄选的艺术品系列不仅极具欣赏价值,同时通过酒店对蒙特利尔艺术界的支持,丰富了魁北克的文化底蕴。这一全新的现代艺术之地为大量受众提供了创意灵感,如艺术爱好者、游客和商界人士。



This is Québec上海行


MASSIVart曾被Export Québec选为蒙特利尔的加拿大顶级创意品牌,前往中国上海共同完成一个商业任务。这一B2B活动于2018年1月25日至1月27日在上海现代艺术博物馆举行,汇聚了上海市创意企业、人才和跨领域艺术家。

MASSIVart与Export Québec和Dufour & Lucid Dreams合作,构思了L’Effet Québec创意概念,将魁北克的专业能力推广至海外。这一点尤为重要,因为魁北克在中国获得商业成功的案例正不断增加。约50家企业展示并推广了魁北克的创造力和人才,促进了中国与魁北克的交流和商业关系发展。


MASSIVart的CEO兼创始合伙人Philippe Demers指出:“中国人民对海外的创意动向十分好奇,他们还十分喜欢具体而实在的东西。我们乐于冲破界限,将魁北克的文化和创意人士和艺术家介绍给中国。这种使命和机遇对我们向外展示并输出卓越人才十分有益。” 总而言之,This is Quebec汇聚了包括魁北克省省长Philippe Couillard在内的众多政府贵宾,以及建筑、房地产和艺术领域的宾客。

在这一活动中,L’Effet Québec代表了一个独特的碰撞、探索和创新合作平台,同时也让MASSIVart有机会重申其冲破北美界限推广加拿大艺术人才的全球使命。



MASSIVart的CEO兼创始合伙人Philippe Demers受邀参与火人艺术节(Burning Man Arts)全球评选委员会,这是一场每年在美国内华达州的沙漠举行的著名艺术节。项目致力于为有启发性、互动性、亲民性以及最重要的社群导向性的艺术项目提供资金,资助参加艺术节和其它活动的各个艺术项目。艺术补助金可为每个项目提供最高$10 000美元的资助,至今已颁发超过$750 000美元的资助金,共计为全球25个不同国家的160多个项目提供了资金支持。


十多年来,Philippe始终是全球文化艺术节的一份子,期待为这些高水平艺术项目贡献力量。“很高兴能够参与获奖艺术家的评选工作。支持创作者进行艺术创作不仅有利于他们的成长,更有利于文化艺术界的发展,让它更为大众所接受。火人节(Burning Man)这样的平台还促进了国际交流,让人与人、与文化、与国家建立联系成为可能。”

Philippe深爱蒙特利尔和国际文化社区并志愿奉献于此,通过自己文化管理和艺术生产方面的经验,他不断向加拿大境内外人士展现其创造和领导能力。Philippe Demers还创办了Chromatic——一个旨在促进蒙特利尔艺术创业、创造力和创新的非营利性艺术节。在加入火人艺术节(Burning Man Arts)全球评审团之前,Philippe 曾是其他类似委员会的成员,如2016年到2017年担任South x Southwest(SXSW)音乐节的委员,这是一场庆祝互动、电影和音乐行业融合的盛会;2013年到2015年担任非公益性组织Printemps Numérique的委员,该组织的主要使命是通过各种当地活动促进数字创作和创意的发展。此外他还担任这两大平台的艺术顾问和策划人。