Call for Montreal Artists

Canderel x MASSIVart

6600 Saint-Urbain is teaming up with Montreal artists to feature two new murals!

Call For Artists

APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 14th, 2021 at midnight

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Canderel x MASSIVart | MASSIVart - APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 14th, 2021 at midnight

Canderel and MASSIVart are teaming up to bring uplifting and colourful art to the Mile-Ex. After consulting the Mile-Ex community about their vision for the future of the neighbourhood, we are launching this call for artists.

The overall project aims to rehabilitate the building located at 6600 St-Urbain in the Mile-Ex through various architectural enhancements. Two murals will be incorporated into the rehabilitation of the building and are aimed to promote the local arts community while highlighting the neighbourhood’s rich past.

The main objective is to create an impactful and engaging dialogue with the local community through art. Canderel wants to create an inspiring place that will bring colour and life to the building and resonate with the community.


  • This contest is open exclusively to Montreal artists;
  • Artists will be available end of April 2021 and May 2021 for the scheduled production of the mural;
  • Artists agree to participate in the promotion of the project, to participate in the documentation process and possibly to give interviews;
  • Collaborations and collectives are eligible;
  • Artists are open to discuss the project with the community;
  • Experience in mural art, scenic painting or large format production (over 12 feet) is an asset;

Find more instructions here


Before submitting your application please review the additional information package and make sure that you are eligible to this call. Furthermore, submit all the information requested into one PDF of maximum 10 mo.

Incomplete applications will not be taken in account and we will not contact you if your application is not complete.

This one should include:
- Description of the preferred conceptual approach for this specific project (max 500 words);
- Curriculum vitae (max 3 pages);
- 10 digital images of recent works with description (title, date, dimensions, location and material);
- Two professional references.