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Cirque du Soleil | MASSIVart - Custom Designed Installations

The Project

To immerse viewers into the world of Cirque du Soleil, our team designed and fabricated an impactful installation that would welcome visitors to the entrance of the iconic Alegria show, back in Montreal for the summer of 2019.

We created an inverted crown made of mirrors, symbolizing the main themes of the show. Installed outside, it surprises and amazes the visitors as soon as they arrive. An Augmented Reality experience is also available via mobile phone, adding an interactive dimension.

Since 1994, Cirque du Soleil shows have been presented in more than 65 cities around the world and seen by more than 10 million viewers. MASSIVart has managed to create an experience that highlights the undeniable qualities of Cirque du Soleil while creating a strong connection with its audience.

From conceptualization to installation, including 3D renderings and material production, our team has used the best strategies to deploy this unique interactive installation that highlights Alegria’s key messages while providing a perfect photo backdrop.