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Art Installation is Raising Ecology Awareness

Floating Islands in Toronto’s Harbourfront brings a beautiful reminder of environmental consciousness

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Art Installation is Raising Ecology Awareness | MASSIVart - Creative Consulting

Just steps away from Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, MASSIVart and North Strategic have fabricated a creative project that centres around sustainability and the environment.

North Strategic is a Toronto-based PR agency that was seeking an impactful campaign for their client Bonterra, a Canadian brand of sustainability-focused household paper products that are made from responsibly sourced paper and wrapped in recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

The intention of the project was simple, to execute an impactful installation that centres on sustainability and looking to the future. Producing it was a different feat.

After months of thoughtful research and design consultations, MASSIVart and North Strategic landed on the purpose-driven idea of creating a floating art installation  in Toronto’s harbour with the simple statement, “For A Better Planet.” Placed along the Harbourfront Centre’s waterfront trail and adjacent to the Harbourfront Centre’s concert stage, this art installation welcomes passersby to consider making more eco-conscious decisions and looking towards a more sustainable future.

Taking sustainability practices into account, MASSIVart created life-sized letters using recycled materials. The islands are manufactured to create a natural and sustainable ecosystem that helps improve biodiversity and create diverse wildlife habitats, ultimately contributing to the creation of more wetlands.

There are also activations around the installation, including Bonterra signage that supports the “For A Better Planet” message.

The letters on the islands are adorned with living plants and flowers native to Ontario. The plant life includes different grasses and flowers that are attractive to pollinating animals like bees and butterflies. The pollinators will take the pollen and seeds from the activation and will literally spread the beauty of this project and its messaging beyond the harbourfront.

By creating a sustainable and impactful activation, MASSIVart is proud and humbled to have executed such a meaningful project. Bonterra and North Strategic provided MASSIVart with the wonderful opportunity to raise awareness around such an important topic and create a fully alive and sustainable installation.

The “For A Better Planet” art installation will be coming to Toronto’s Harbourfront district and will stay from August 15th until September 5th, 2022.