Exhibition with Sid Lee Collective & Collectif Blackbox

Artefacts: Celebrating nature to protect it

30 Canadian artists combine art with science to demonstrate the need to act


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Artefacts: Celebrating nature to protect it | MASSIVart - Art Curator Services

The project

Through Chromatic, MASSIVart wanted to be involved with SID LEE Collective and Collectif Blackbox for a unique exhibit where professional photographers and digitals artists will be showcased in order to collect pieces that capture nature’s beauty and are supported by scientific facts illustrating the current climate crisis.

The exhibition took place in Montreal on October 17, 2019, our role was to select some of the artists on display and follow up with them for the selection of works and production.

For the exhibit, all our organizations relied on the #FactBack movement launched by POW Canada by using scientific facts on climate change from their database to support their pieces, thus combining art and facts to immortalize artifacts that must be protected.

A study conducted by the United Nations shows that 75% of the Earth’s environment is severely altered by human activities and that more than one million species are endangered, with several facing extinction in the coming decades. The producers of this project hope that participants will learn from the exhibit and be encouraged to want to preserve the natural species that are left.