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An immersive introduction for all attendees.

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North Strategic x Canada Goose | MASSIVart - Experiential & Interactive Installations

The Project

For Canada Goose’s Spring/Summer 2019 sales summit and conference, MASSIVart collaborated with award-winning agency North Strategic, on a unique and immersive introduction experience for all attendees to enjoy.

We curated a 12’ W x 24’ L x 11’H rain-inspired ribbon installation complete with custom sound effects for a multi-sensory experience.

As conference attendees arrived at the venue, they were required to walk through the rain ribbon installation in order to check-in and register their attendance. Sound stations filled the venue hallways as an added element.

Throughout the day, staff, retailers and other brand partners interacted and engaged with the installation which created an entertaining environment and got people excited for the new sales season ahead!