Creative window displays

H&M: Conscious Collection

A unique retail activation to highlight H&M's new line


Creative Window Display Design

Custom Temporary Installation - Pop-up Design & Production

H&M: Conscious Collection | MASSIVart - Creative Window Display Design

The Project

We believe in the transformative power that art can have on spaces and the line between art and retail spaces is growing even blurrier. For H&M‘s 2019 Conscious Collection we enhanced their retail space to create immersive and interactive spaces in flagship stores in Toronto and Montreal.

We encourage all steps taken towards a more sustainable future in the fashion industry and hope to see more brands take on these initiatives. For their new line, our team produced creative displays in which customers could immerse themselves amongst the materials used for the clothing line including eucalyptus, cotton, and recycled plastics.

This interactive marketing campaign was a unique opportunity for H&M clients to better understand the products they are buying and connect with the brand in a meaningful way.