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The Project

Humaniti Montreal is a new building construction project by Cogir Real Estate Group that showcases human interaction as the heart of its vision. Connectivity and sharing are at the core of Humanity’s DNA.

MASSIVart was approached to facilitate two phases of this major Montreal project including the development and execution of an attention-seeking sales showroom center installation that consisted of exterior digital screens that are programmed to engage with visitors and any passersby when triggered by movement and interaction.

The second phase of the project was to analyze design plans, assess needs, and deliver an advisory study for a highly visually stimulating and on-budget art collection for the work x life x play properties that includes a hotel, residential condos, and temporary rental suites, along with common, commercial and public spaces to beautify with art. Our recommendations were based on both enhancing the property’s overall design aesthetics, in addition to suggested local and international investment pieces to collect.