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Award-Winning John Lennon and Yoko Ono<br> Bed-In For Peace’s Suite 1742 | MASSIVart - Experiential & Interactive Installations

Having won the 2020 CODAaward for the best hospitality project, MASSIVart is honoured to have partnered with Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in the recreation of John & Yoko’s famous 1969 Bed-In-For-Peace historic moment – the globally recognised occasion where John Lennon and Yoko Ono spoke out against the war in an original, disruptive and highly conspicuous way by staying in bed for 1 whole week at Montreal’s Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel.

In collaboration with the prestigious 5-star hotel and Sid Lee Architecture, MASSIVart created a unique interactive experience in the very same room where John & Yoko conducted their bed-in: Suite 1742.

MASSIVart’s multi-disciplinary team researched, documented and produced an immersive 360-degree experience that generated international recognition, from mass media to award festivals, for its creative merging of art & culture, design craft, masterful use of technology and superior execution.

The Suite 1742 became a one-of-a-kind museum with three interactive devices, a virtual reality movie, and an interactive file cabinet displaying legacy items including original photos, files, videos and objects. But also illustrative elements, accessories and music encapsulating the cultural legacy of John and Yoko, as well as works of art commissioned for the suite, inspired by their peace message.

Always keeping our partner’s financial and business objectives at the core of our experiences, following the implementation of our concept, Suite 1742 generated a 33% increase in its occupancy rate and a 200% increase in the average rate. Proving that people will pay a premium for engaging, artful and cultural experiences.

The suite’s fame has transcended the hotel industry and it continues to be a must-see location for tourists, fans, influencers and the press – including the Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil.