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The Project

Wearable art has become an increasingly popular means to express individuality.

MASSIVart and menswear designer Nathon Kong merged forces to conceive a collection of creative and artistic linings for the brand’s custom suiting.

Working with a variety of emerging local artists, the collection supported these visionary creations while offering an innovative platform for self-expression and uniqueness.

A sampling of artists that contributed to the Nathon Kong custom-made art collection personalized suits included Olivier Bonnard, Botkin&Shantz, Jeremie DB, Marie-Soleil Denault, Doodys, Lucie Leroux, Lea Mercante, Mc Marquis, Sabrina Ratté, Benoit Paillé, Laurence Perreault and Jeremy Shantz..

A perfect collaboration opportunity for brands looking for unique content and art + culture integration.