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The Montreal FinTech Station

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The Montreal FinTech Station | MASSIVart - Art Curator Services

The Project

Place Ville Marie in Montreal recently welcomed the Montreal FinTech Station, a new coworking space dedicated to start-ups of the financial tech industry. Inaugurated in December 2019, the FinTech Station is already experiencing significant enthusiasm. Nearly 20 start-up companies have settled in and spread out across the Station’s two stories, which total up to approximately 25,000 square feet.

From the start, the Montreal FinTech Station announced its intention to acquire an art collection to be integrated into space. This is where VAD, the agency in charge of the space design, called on us.

MASSIVart proposed interactive, digital, photographic and sculptural artworks all by emerging Quebec and Canadian artists. The art integration enhanced the design, with the aim of having a vibrant, vital and invitingly relatable work environment. We provided Montreal FinTech Station with the experts and expertise to develop their own art collection, which helped transform this new space into creative office spaces that foster innovation, productivity, and sense of community.

Our team of curators took care to select 16 works in collaboration with the client. All of them were created by renowned artists: BGL, Nicolas Baier, Maxwell Hyett, Carl Anthonyn Dufaut, Marie-Josée Rousseau, Alain Paiement, Jessica Eaton, FVCKRENDER, Julien Boily, Elisabeth Picard and Karine Fréchette. Thanks to a meticulously selected selection of works, this ludic collection will surprise all visitors to space.