W Montreal Hotel - Nuit Blanche

Extended cultural programming for guests to enjoy during Montreal’s Nuit Blanche

The W Hotel Montreal comes to life through vibrant, compelling and immersive artistic installations

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Cultural programming - Custom made art installations

Extended cultural programming for guests to enjoy during Montreal’s Nuit Blanche | MASSIVart - Hotel Experience & Design

Located in the heart of Montreal, the W Montreal wanted to present vibrant cultural programming during the famous Nuit Blanche festival, for guests to enjoy while discovering local emerging artists. Each year, the famous night-time arts festival transforms the city’s downtown core into an outdoor art gallery, with art installations, films, music and dance performances, and more.

The challenge: to convey the same level of energy and vibrancy of Montreal’s Nuit Blanche inside the doors of the W Montreal.

Approximately two meters in height, the main art piece was located in the center of the lobby and was produced by artist Videogirl (Jennifer Daoust), who was tasked with making the sculpture come to life through the use of video projections on the installation. In the upper floors of the hotel, guests were able to enjoy mini exhibitions by artist Caroline Dejeneffe, who created paintings illuminated by integrated neon lights to bring life to the hotel’s hallways. “Optic” was the theme that united the artists to create a cohesive, but unique and memorable experience for guests.

The artistic installations, mapping projections, and enchanting music invited guests to gather and watch, creating an immersive atmosphere for festival-goers, including a chance to warm up inside!

The project marked MASSIVart’s first artistic design venture in the hospitality industry, and our passion for art design in the hospitality sector has grown considerably since.