MASSIVart creates memorable art-driven experiences.

Today’s successful organizations are realizing that to stand out they must rethink traditional advertising, promotional and design tactics and shift their efforts to more culturally relevant initiatives.

MASSIVart unites custom-tailored teams of impassioned strategists, architects, designers, fabricators, curators and artists to reimagine and create spaces through art and culture, from idea to inception. Be it for public art installations, workplaces, hotels, product launches, museums or high-end residential developments, we ensure that our customers and their clients or users coexist and connect in unique, beneficial and emotionally uplifting ways.

We work to understand and execute in perfect alignment with each client’s performance and budget expectations, taking pride in the unique insight and human touch brought to every project. And always with the promise of high-quality, enduring art-driven experiences.


We develop creative & cultural integration strategies and master planning.

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With our team of experts MASSIVart provides in-depth consulting and studies to analyze our clients art integration needs. Our phase-by-phase approach allows us to have a global view of the project and deliver strategies reflecting the desired vision of the client. We provide an actionable report that includes the strategy, programming and concrete plan with detailed budgets and timelines.

  • Benchmarking & research
  • Data collection
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Community sourcing
  • Master planning
  • Strategic analysis
  • Concrete solution and implementation plan

Brand & Consumer

We create memorable moments & events with art.

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Brand loyalty comes from an emotional connection and incorporating art enables the public to relate to the brand, generating an authentic and enduring relationship. As an art and creative agency, MASSIVart works with Advertising, Marketing, PR, Experiential agencies and consumer brands to enhance their advertising and marketing campaigns and bring brands to life through art and cultural programming.

  • Custom designed art installations
  • Experiential and interactive installations
  • Creative events and pop up production
  • Brand and sponsorship activations
  • Experiential production
  • Artist collaborations, sourcing and management
  • Cultural programming

Real Estate Architecture
& Design Services

We transform spaces with the integration of art & culture.

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People have higher standards for design integration into their daily lives and want to live and work in ecosystems designed to enhance their overall lifestyle. Adding art to a building needs to go beyond curating a photography display in a lobby— successful developers are incorporating art and design into all stages of their projects. We assist our clients in raising this bar, through the integration of art and culture into every facet of a building. Our team works through the development process from ideation to fabrication, and continues through ongoing cultural programming, transforming the way their business operates.

  • Public art installations
  • Art collections & curation
  • Public space design
  • Commissioned art pieces
  • Showroom design & experience
  • Construction site enhancement and activations
  • Construction hoarding

Exhibition &
Museum Design

We create engaging and unconventional exhibition design.

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We work with museums and cultural institutions using a modern and unconventional approach to create exhibits with interactive and engaging content and design. Our team of designers and producers provide an end-to-end solution that includes: planning, research, writing, design, fabrication and installation of two and three-dimensional spaces of all types.

  • Permanent, temporary and touring exhibitions
  • Exhibition conception and design
  • Artefact handling
  • Museography
  • Production and assembly
  • Interactive device fabrication
  • Manifest and exhibition signage

Public Art

We produce & commission captivating art installations.

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Through our artist network of emerging and globally renowned artists we work with municipalities, urban developers and public art consultants to produce dynamic public art installations including site-specific art, temporary interventions and urban development projects.

  • Permanent & site specific art
  • Temporary interventions
  • Urban development projects
  • Art collections
  • Public art procurement & installations
  • Sourcing and appointment of artists
  • Strategy, site analysis & master planning
  • Large scale sculptures & art installations

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