The MASSIVart Inspires You Series - #1

The MASSIVart Inspires You Series – #1 | MASSIVart

“It is going to be fine”, but it will all be better if we are inspired.

As the pandemic hit, we rethought our lives. How we connected and exchanged took a new path. We stayed in the comfort of our homes. We reevaluated the pace at which we live. We focused on what was essential, what keeps us going. We grabbed again the book that we had started to read but never finished – we didn’t have time then. We reconnected with our well-being and concentrated on what brought us relief: food, old movies, and art.

MASSIVart is all about creating unique human-centric experiences to enjoy, connect, and be inspired by art. We thought we would ask our fantastic team to tell you a little bit more about what helps them relax, get inspired, warm their heart and feel hopeful that this too shall pass.

Enjoy this first part of the series!

Claire Tousignant – Managing Partner, MASSIVart Montreal

Claire lives for hiking, loves Japan and buys vinyl records at random to discover new music.

Object you can’t do without: My bike
Favourite book: The tetralogy “The Sea of Fertility”, Yukio Mishima
Favourite artist: Kim Dorland
Your song: Summer by Celeste
Comfort food / drink: Impasto 🙂





evlyne Laurin, Director – Client & Development

evlyne loves sparkling water, the colour orange, post-its, writes only in black ink and has a phobia of pigeons – she also has an obsession for snail mail, hairy cactuses and photographing her feet in her flip-flops on Instagram!

Object you can’t do without: my Lunya sleep mask
Favourite book: Culture Crash by Scott Timberg or Don Thompson’s Art Trilogy
Favourite artist: Laurena Finéus & Katherine Takpannie
Your song: Free (feat Emeli Sandé) by Rudimentals or Luscious Life by Patrick Watson
Comfort food / drink: “Dirty Chai tea” or a Dirty Martini



Annabelle Jenneau-Younès – Consulting Project Manager

Annabelle loves cats, video games, is passionate about movies and would like to go on a backpack tour of Asia. She particularly enjoys Saturday morning brunches and the fresh fall air.


Object you can’t do without: My weekend bathrobe
Favourite book: Azteca by Gary Jennings
Favourite artist: Rajni Perera
Your song: Out of time men by Mick Harvey
Comfort food / drink: Matcha latté




Estefania Cardoso – General Manager, MASSIVart Mexico

Loves animals and 80’s music. Drinks more lattes than water and reads books about astrology.

Object you can’t do without: my reusable coffee cup
Favourite book: Into the wild by Jon Krakauer
Favourite artist: Rocca Luis Cesar
Your song: Red Eyes – The War on Drugs
Comfort food / drink: Beer with Clamato






Alejandro Cardoso – Global CEO & Managing Partner of MASSIVart LATAM

Alejandro can’t stand spiders. He watches movies several times in order to enjoy them from a different perspective. He loves Stephen King’s books and always reads two books at the same time. He is a huge sports fan but practices only 2. He doesn’t step on floor lines while walking. He used to like dogs, he loves dogs now 🙂

Object you can’t do without: My MAC
Favourite book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
Favourite artist: Damian Ortega
Your song: Opening by Philip Glass or I’d love to change the world by Ten Years After
Comfort food / drink: Spaghetti carbonara / Dry, straight up, shaken Martini.
Favourite Film director (*Added rebelliously): Three: Peter Greenaway & Woody Allen & Martin Scorsese

Take care!