The MASSIVart Inspires You Series - #3

The MASSIVart Inspires You Series – #3 | MASSIVart

“It is going to be fine”, but it will all be better if we are inspired.

As the pandemic hit, we rethought our lives. How we connected and exchanged took a new path. We stayed in the comfort of our homes. We reevaluated the pace at which we live. We focused on what was essential, what keeps us going. We grabbed again the book that we had started to read but never finished – we didn’t have time then. We reconnected with our well-being and concentrated on what brought us relief: food, old movies, and art.

MASSIVart is all about creating unique human-centric experiences to enjoy, connect, and be inspired by art. We thought we would ask our fantastic team to tell you a little bit more about what helps them relax, get inspired, warm their heart and feel hopeful that this too shall pass.

Enjoy this third part of the series!

Emmanuel Asperó – Project Manager

Loves music and food, pet lover and a terrible dancer. Scuba diver, drummer and painter in free time. More night than a morning person. Not a fan of loud and crowded places.

Object you can’t do without: Headphones
Favourite book: Blindness by Saramago
Favourite artist: Horacio Quiroz
Your song: Babylon Rule Dem – Groundation (bonus* Too many puppies – Primus)
Comfort food / drink: Tacos de pastor with dark beer




Philomène Deve – Art Director

Laughs in her sleep. Loves every sort of bread from fluffy naans to crunchy baguettes. She is the mommy to several house plants and cannot stop herself from adopting more. Snowboards in the winter and plays tennis terribly in the summer. Big fan of Hong Kong and aspires to live there again one day.

Object you can’t do without: My vape… hopefully, I’ll do without it one day!
Favourite book: Any illustration book by Jean-Jacques Sempé
Favourite artist: Sara Hagale
Your song: Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes
Comfort food / drink: A cassoulet, a good beer or a Sortilege (Maple syrup Canadian whisky)




Philippe Demers – Founding Partner & Global Creative Director

Ex outdoor adventure tour guide, Phil is addicted to nature and can’t stay in place for too long. Loves camping, plants and brunch with friends. Currently trying to learn guitar. Dreams of diving in the Australian Great Barrier Reef.

Object you can’t do without: My bike, my kite and my Japanese kitchen knife
Favourite book: All of the Arsène Lupin, Gentleman cambrioleur
Favourite artist: David Spriggs (Vancouver) for installations and Kathryn Macnaughton (Toronto) for paintings
Your song: Mount Kimbie – Marilyn + Neil Frances – Music Sounds Better With You
Comfort food / drink: Croissants, Chicken Pot Pie & Mango Smoothies




Maxim Céré-Marcoux – Chief Financial Officer

Maxim is an eager traveller, addicted to board games and trying to cope with the desire to have more green plants while considering his need for oxygen during the night.

Object you can’t do without: The cap becomes more and more part of my life now
Favourite book: The Dune fiction book series (OMG and the upcoming movie)
Favourite artist: Corentin Laurens work has been catching my attention for a while now
Your song: All Ambar Lucid’s songs
Comfort food / drink: Without any hesitation a tuna tartare and a good Sangiovese




Sun Min Dufresne – Chief Administrative Officer, Partner

Sun is a foodie who loves to toast with friends. A little too Cartesian at times, he loves to get out of his comfort zone. He is also a great dad!

Object you can’t do without: My Excel grid?
Favourite book: I have Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing organization on my bedside table right now
Favourite artist: I discovered Nicolas Grenier in the last few years. I love his work.
Your song: Right now, I’m listening to Dominique Fils-Aimé, the whole album is great! I consume local (Quebec) 😉
Comfort food / drink: Gimme some Italian fresh pastas and some sea food please!




Take care!