Bringing Burning Man’s creativity to the streets of Shanghai | MASSIVart

Bringing Burning Man's creativity to the streets of Shanghai

As a part of a Public Art festival in the shopping centre Ruihong xintiandi Hall of the Moon in Shanghai, we worked with Beijing Modernsky Culture on a multimedia installation project. We collaborated with artist Christopher Schardt and Building180 agency to produce this large-scale outdoor immersive installation.

Constellation is a star-shaped canopy of 5,400 LED modules. The structure weighs 2000 kg, measures 26′ in diameter and hangs from a single point which will be displayed from November 26 to January 5, 2020.

In 1998, Christopher Schardt’s first Burning Man experience inspired him to apply his engineering and computer skills to art and he has participated in—and brought a major art project to—the event almost every year since. Now widely known for his LED sculptures, he is also the author of LED Lab, an app used by thousands of LED artists worldwide.

Entering the Japanese art scene with a bang | MASSIVart

Entering the Japanese art scene with a bang

MASSIVart is working in partnership with Chromatic and UltraSuperNew Gallery as well as FRAMED and MUTEK.JP to produce a digital exhibition featuring videos by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté and Japanese artist Yoshi Sodeoka. The exhibition will take place December 1st-12th, 2019 at the UltraSuperNew Gallery in Tokyo.

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Exhibition - Tokyo - by MASSIVart

Artwork: Yoshi Sodeoka – Sprindrifer

We won Environmental/Signage Design Award from Applied Arts Magazine 🍾 | MASSIVart

We won Environmental/Signage Design Award from Applied Arts Magazine 🍾

Since 1992, the Applied Arts Awards have been an internationally recognized standard for creative excellence. It’s the only Canadian competition that recognizes the work of both professionals and students across the visual communications spectrum – covering everyone from image-makers to advertising creatives, marketing gurus to graphic designers.

We won an award with Iregular, Ædifica & iGotcha Media under Environmental/Signage Design category, for the project “RIVER”. This artwork was commissioned by Desjardins to permanently occupy their branch in downtown Montreal. “RIVER” is a 11 meters LED mesh sculpture and a software generated pattern. It listens to the environment to represent it evolving constantly and infinitely, day and night.

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Meet Our New CFO | MASSIVart

Meet Maxim, Our New CFO!

We interviewed Maxim Céré-Marcoux , the new CFO of MASSIVart.

1. Tell us a little about your background and past work experience?
I am born and raised in Montreal and studied accounting at Concordia University, after which I obtained by CPA title and left to work in San Francisco for a few years. I have worked in financial and accounting advisory for 6 years now, providing consulting to companies of various sizes, operating in different industries and with their respective set of opportunities and challenges. Little did I know that working at an art gallery as a student would spark an interest for the art world that sadly very few people with a background such as mine get to have.

2. What drew you to MASSIVart?
The magnetic energy and dedication of its partners, the ability of the agency to uniquely position its service offering by enhancing them with local and international art and its restless desire to grow without losing its originality.

3. What do you bring to MASSIVart?
I bring a set of skills in the financial and accounting fields coupled with a strong interest and fascination for art that I hope will allow me to help MASSIVart in a distinctive way to be well positioned to successfully seize opportunities as they emerge given the company’s continuing success and growth.

4. How does what MASSIVart offers fit into the global cultural/art scene and is there a need for it?
MASSIVart, in thriving to remain unique and differentiated, always delivers its services to undoubtedly exceed customer expectations but also actively engages our global community in making room for art in our everyday lives. MASSIVart plays a critical role in the art community by carefully curating the inputs of its creative process in a way to highlight the artistic community and further its exposure.

5. What would be your dream project and/or client?
I am especially excited to be joining the company at a time where so many growth and diversification opportunities have presented themselves and hope to assist the partner group by bringing another perspective to the table as well as a different set of skills which will hopefully help in determining which ones, if not all, to pursue, when and how.

6. Why did you choose to work in the art and culture space?
For quite some time now, my intention has been to transition to the artist/cultural field. Perhaps my interest stems from my personal lack of artistic creative energy. By working, even in a financial advisory capacity, in the artistic field, I feel like in my own way I contribute to furthering a community of creative spirits by other means than by creating art myself.

7. What kind of art speaks to you the most?
Regardless of the form it takes, art plays a crucial role in shaping public opinions and in initiating cultural shifts. Art speaks to me the most when it takes advantage of its unparalleled ability to touch people while at their most open state to purposefully expose a societal issue and compel awareness.

8. What about the future of art are you most looking forward to?
I think art is mankind’s most unique contribution to the world and will most likely play out to be the hardest concept for artificial intelligence to decypher and understand. While it will eventually be able to copy certain pieces and/or artists and perhaps even understand art by channeling the analysis of other art enthusiasts, it will never truly be able to innovate and create art in its true form, which entirely relies on the ingenuity of the human mind. I am most excited by the role art will play on artificial intelligence as it may be one of the only areas that does not show any potential for it to be completely overtaken.

Making diversity count | MASSIVart

Making diversity count

MASSIVart is looking for artists, creators and professionals working in the digital sector. We are currently developing a directory to support more inclusive organizational practices and cultural diversity. This directory aims to provide a platform for professionals of the digital sector from visible minorities* through which they can be contacted for potential projects and job offers that match their expertise.

Therefore, we are launching a public campaign in cultural communities and digital networks to gather profiles interested in joining this directory. To do so, interested people are invited to complete the online forme here.

Targeted digital sectors: Interactive media, Digital arts, Video games, Photographs, Visual arts, Design, Music, Podcasting, Sound recording, Animation, Film, Television

*Visible minorities are defined based on the Employment Equity Act definition as persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour and include Chinese, South Asian, Black, Filipino, Latin American, Southeast Asian, Arab, West Asian, Japanese, Korean, other visible minorities and multiple visible minorities. (Source: Statistics Canada)

加拿大火人节艺术评选委员会专家 | MASSIVart



MASSIVart的CEO兼创始合伙人Philippe Demers受邀参与火人艺术节(Burning Man Arts)全球评选委员会,这是一场每年在美国内华达州的沙漠举行的著名艺术节。项目致力于为有启发性、互动性、亲民性以及最重要的社群导向性的艺术项目提供资金,资助参加艺术节和其它活动的各个艺术项目。艺术补助金可为每个项目提供最高$10 000美元的资助,至今已颁发超过$750 000美元的资助金,共计为全球25个不同国家的160多个项目提供了资金支持。


十多年来,Philippe始终是全球文化艺术节的一份子,期待为这些高水平艺术项目贡献力量。“很高兴能够参与获奖艺术家的评选工作。支持创作者进行艺术创作不仅有利于他们的成长,更有利于文化艺术界的发展,让它更为大众所接受。火人节(Burning Man)这样的平台还促进了国际交流,让人与人、与文化、与国家建立联系成为可能。”

Philippe深爱蒙特利尔和国际文化社区并志愿奉献于此,通过自己文化管理和艺术生产方面的经验,他不断向加拿大境内外人士展现其创造和领导能力。Philippe Demers还创办了Chromatic——一个旨在促进蒙特利尔艺术创业、创造力和创新的非营利性艺术节。在加入火人艺术节(Burning Man Arts)全球评审团之前,Philippe 曾是其他类似委员会的成员,如2016年到2017年担任South x Southwest(SXSW)音乐节的委员,这是一场庆祝互动、电影和音乐行业融合的盛会;2013年到2015年担任非公益性组织Printemps Numérique的委员,该组织的主要使命是通过各种当地活动促进数字创作和创意的发展。此外他还担任这两大平台的艺术顾问和策划人。