Accenture PY1 Experience Design

Accenture PY1

An immersive experience design in collaboration with Accenture PY1

MASSIVart Experience Design 

Event Production

Space Design - Artistic Integration

Accenture PY1 | MASSIVart - Event Production

The Project

MASSIVart created an event for Accenture at PY1 in collaboration with Lune Rouge. Accenture Canada invited guests to the new PY1 Experience event, “Through the Echoes”, bringing forward an immersive experience within the pyramid-shaped traveling venue space.

We produced, installed and implemented an immersive experience designed to highlight the intersection of both human interaction and technology. Through the curation of a physical indoor jungle replica, LED uniforms and unique colorful strobe lights projected throughout the event-space, we created an environment that was not only engaging for the attendees, but that also brought a memorable and novel experience into space.