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Cirque du Soleil | MASSIVart - Art Installations

The Project

Welcoming viewers into the environment of Cirque Du Soleil, our production team designed and fabricated an inverted and structurally complex crown with acrylic mirrors to symbolize central themes of the show.

The installation greets visitors upon arrival creating an opportunity for engagement with attendees who can use their mobile phones for an AR experience.

Since 1994, Cirque Du Soleil has travelled throughout 65 cities around the world with over 10 million viewers internationally. From production of sourcing materials, 3D renders, while creating an installation that enhances the many qualities that Cirque Du Soleil stands for, the MASSIVart team successfully engaged the community through strategically creating this unique experience. Overall, creating a crown which represents key elements of Alegria in encapsulating a brighter tomorrow as conveyed through the show, demonstrated through a unique interactive lens.

This project symbolized the act of amazement, surprise, interactivity and engagement through a hands-on experience with Alegria, while strengthening Cirque Du Soleil’s overall brand image.