The Student Hotel

The Student Hotel Florence

A grand opening for the new Student Hotel in Florence, Italy

MASSIVart Installations

Art Direction

Curation - Installation

The Project

Working in collaboration with Sid Lee Architects and Ivanhoé Cambridge, MASSIVart’s artistic direction redefined the aesthetic vision of the W Hotel Montreal restaurant.Art acquisition and private commission works created a new identity for the space which garnered international press for its cultural and local community support.

MASSIVart worked with Montreal-based artists to bring their creative flair to the project, encouraging restaurant clients to discover a whole new dining experience in the venue. Artists Bonar, Jason Wasserman, Jason Cantoro, Jean Labourdette, Kevin Ledo, Labrona, Other, Scaner, Alan Ganev, Stikki Peaches, and WIA to name a few all participated in the artistic evolution of the restaurant.

The planned one-year collection installation was such a hit – it stayed up for two years welcoming guests to enjoy and reveal in the art longer!

Photo credits : MASSIVart - The Student Hotel