The first MASSIVart Catalogue is here! ✨
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At MASSIVart, we are always looking for new ways to create impact through art & culture. So we are excited to share that our catalogue of curated selection of existing art installations is here!

We believe that activating a space engages the community by creating new destinations. Today, placemaking has become the new crown jewel of marketing: it propels social interaction and is also an excellent way to showcase a brand’s ESG commitment towards arts & culture, inclusivity and diversity. We believe it is now more important than ever to activate your space, engage your audience and encourage people to reappropriate it through art & culture.

To help you in this pursuit, we are thrilled to present the MASSIVart Catalogue, an exciting new service offering we’ve produced. It includes an impressive selection of captivating and already existing installations from an incredible selection of both established and emerging artists.

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We are here to help

With this new catalogue, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to activate your space with compelling and immersive art, and engage your audience by creating destinations. To inspire you, our talented curators have put some of their favourite selections which includes all the existing artwork available for your spaces throughout the year.

To make it as easy and seamless as possible, we handle everything for you. Everything! ?

From the orchestration, shipping, installation, activating, maintenance, deactivating, storytelling, and promotion. We aim to provide a seamless turnkey solution to make placemaking a reality.

“The idea of bringing some exciting new artwork into different spaces is to revitalize and turn them into an immersive experience that is inclusive: Art that is not confined in a gallery or a museum and that aims to be accessible to all. It’s important to do so with artwork that speaks to a lot of people rather than having pieces that are too conceptual. Equally important is always having a narrative behind the artwork, art that is meaningful, tells a story and is visually impactful.” says Alice Pouzet, one of our in-house curators.

To help you get acquainted with the MASSIVart Catalogue, we would like to introduce you to some of the artists and studios that bring it to life by showcasing their distinct pieces and imaginative styles.

Monumental and Colourful
Quintessenz Suspended Art Installation
Quintessenz takes an abstract and fundamental approach to color and form that lets them create universal installations that enable the spectators to truly experience art.


Interactive and Playful

Volkan Alkanoglu - Interactive Public Art Installation Placemaking Intervention
Volkan Alkanoglu is focused on the pursuit of novel form through spatial, material and technological explorations.

Immersive and Technologic

Nonotak Immersive Technologic Art Installation
Nonotak works with light and sound installations and performance pieces to create ethereal, immersive, and dreamlike environments which are built to envelope, challenge, and stagger the viewer.

In order to continually keep things up to date, the MASSIVart Catalogue will be changing throughout the seasons, evolving as we continue to discover fresh talent, new installations, and ways in which we can provide opportunities for you to reinvent and revitalize your space.

While these particular installations in the catalogue are made for temporary programming, we are always here to discuss custom curation, site specific and permanent pieces. Contact us.

? Access the catalogue for free!