MASSIVart’s Artist Talks: Exploring Heritage and Creativity with Jordan Bennett

MASSIVart sat down with Jordan Bennett, a talented Mi’kmaq visual artist renowned for his creative employment of painting, sculpture, textile, and video mediums.

Bennett’s artistic practice delves into themes of land, language, and the profound act of visiting. Inspired by his Mi’kmaq heritage and his daily life, Bennet’s distinctive graphic style is masterfully integrated into his artistic practices.

Working with an inflatable sculpture for the first time, Bennett’s “Echoes Calling Back” is brimming with playful allure and contemplative depth. MASSIVart’s multidisciplinary team curated and managed the production and installation of “Echoes Calling Back,” initially showcased at Toronto’s Luminato Festival and then at the Bay Adelaide Centre by Brookfield Properties. Serving as an invitation to cultivate a profound connection to place, geography, memory, and the concept of home and experiencing a cornerstone of Bennett’s Mi’kmaq culture.