How art & creativity made science more moving

"Get Moving!" Exhibition at the Musée Armand Frappier (Laval, Quebec)

An exhibition that provides an engaging experience through creative and interactive elements

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Interactive Design - Production & Assembly

How art & creativity made science more moving | MASSIVart - Exhibition Conception & Design

MASSIVart is proud to have delivered its latest major museum exhibition project “Get Moving!” for the Armand Frappier Museum in Laval.

Embarking on a physically & emotionally moving journey through different installations, visitors experience the physiological and psychological evolution of the body through the ages, learning how our perception of physical activity has changed, influenced by the social context in which we evolve.

To transform scientific facts into an engaging, artful, edutainment experience, the MASSIVart team partnered closely with the museum collaborating on how best to illustrate and bring to life the historical, social and scientific issues around physical activity to create a journey that will leave all ages moved in a number of inspiring and informative ways.

MASSIVart’s multidisciplinary experience helped guide the client through the conception, fabrication and installation of each modular element, overall exhibition aesthetic and visitor flow.

Our creative brains have been actively developing interactive concepts, mechanical systems, digital solutions and playful actions resulting in a participative and engaging experience. All interactive devices and artworks were imagined, created, manufactured and produced by MASSIVart, in collaboration with Expozone (manufacturing), Benoit Tardif (illustrations) and Commissaire Officiel (graphic design).

An example of some interactive concepts included moving a flap along a timeline to discover images and facts, turning cranks to reveal studies and scientific discoveries related to the body & a game to determine the right medical professional to help a young girl recover from a soccer injury. Finally, visitors can practice, jump and use their strength to discover the internal mechanisms of their own body in action.