Innovative Workspace Office Design in Mexico and Brazil


Art Integrations by Local Artists are at the Heart of Pinterest’s New Offices

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Innovative Workspace Office Design in Mexico and Brazil | MASSIVart - Art Curation

Pinterest is reimagining and redesigning its offices worldwide, collaborating with the American design studio Media Objectives (MO) and Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) to bring their vision to life. Creating an innovative workspace solution, MO and JLL selected MASSIVart to curate artists and designers to produce and implement their work in Pinterest’s new offices in Mexico City and São Paulo, Brazil. MASSIVart worked hand in hand with six local artists and artisans to bring bespoke integrations and enlighten Pinterest’s offices through art.

São Paulo, Brazil

Integrating art into three common areas with the goal of enhancing the environment into an engaging workplace, MASSIVart worked alongside Brazilian Fabricator Bruno Glad of ART PROD to produce beautiful and meaningful elements. From creating a photo-op area to integrating neon signage or implementing artwork on pillars throughout the office, each piece elevates the space, fostering a playful energy. Pinterest’s offices in Brazil now have an elevated and innovative space for their employees to work and play.

Mexico City

Executing design intents across two floors, MASSIVart curated all local artists and collaborated with local fabricators to produce site-specific integrations. For example, Mexico-based studio Le Paper used both traditional and modern techniques to adorn the walls of the Cempasúchi Meeting Room with vibrant paper flowers. The result is a whimsical and lively atmosphere that transforms the space while also soundproofing the meeting room. MASSIVart also worked with local artist Yim Miyaki to deliver three sculptural elements in the Alebrijes Meeting Room. Miyaki’s art is characterized by bright and bold colours, creating a sense of harmony wherever her work is placed.

The Pinterest office in Mexico City is the result of a tight collaboration between MASSIVart, Media Objectives, JLL, and Gaya Sinergia Constructiva. By creating captivating and dynamic work environments for present and prospective Pinterest employees, MASSIVart consistently enhances and empowers artist communities across Latin America. This meaningful partnership has infused a fresh wave of liveliness into the day-to-day experiences of Pinterest staff in Mexico City and Sao Paulo.