VQA Ontario

VQA Ontario

A peculiar wine tasting enhanced by immersive installations

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Art Installations

Curation - Consulting

VQA Ontario | MASSIVart - Art Installations

The Project

MASSIVart collaborated with Sid Lee and VQA in Toronto to imagine and produce a memorable multi-sensory experience that combined art, culture, food and VQA wine for a VIP evening and weekend-long event.

Dubbed as a “deconstructed wine tasting,” we took a non-traditional approach that was both refreshing and inspiring. Six internationally and highly acclaimed contemporary artists and design teams were invited to create unique art installations taking inspiration from some of the different wine varieties such as Sparkling, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamay Noir, and Cabernet Franc.

Digital, floral, light art and immersive installations filled the room for guests to explore. Installations curated by MASSIVart included:

HARA: Created by Guillaume MARMIN & Frédéric MAROLLEAU, Production by TETRO+A, STRP Biennale

MINNK: Created by Wilfried DELLA ROSSA, Technical Direction by Thomas MATHIEU, Production by TETRO+A, MIRAGE FESTIVAL, STEREOLUX

Photo credits: Emma Kreiner - Tetro