Loom/Weave by Juan Pablo de la Vega

FREL - The Summit Santa Fe

An AI generative art installation translating data into mesmerizing visuals reminiscent of traditional Mexican weaving art

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Loom/Weave by Juan Pablo de la Vega | MASSIVart - Art Integration

Loom/Weave by Juan Pablo de la Vega is one of the two major art pieces that MASSIVart has selected and produced for real estate developer FREL’s brand new office complex The Summit Santa Fe in Mexico City. This AI generative art installation has an exciting story to tell.

Located in the building’s impressive lobby, the contemplative art piece brings serenity and inspiration to viewers at the beginning and end of the working day.

Mexican artist Juan Pablo de la Vega developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) generative art installation, which translates data from Mexico City and the building itself into mesmerizing visuals reminiscent of traditional Mexican art weaving.

Offering new ways of seeing Mexican heritage, the art weaving brings the notion of a “social fabric” as in fabricating a community by knitting social connections in the building.

By using static data such as the records of the building and the city’s orography, the artwork is intimately connected to both Mexico City and The Summit.

The piece also uses real-time data on humidity, wind speed, temperature, and precipitation in the vicinity of the building, as well as local data on the light and sound intensity, and movement. These are integrated at different points within the algorithm that generates the visual of the weave.

This makes this creation a constantly new work that never shows the same visualizations twice, which allows the tenants and visitors to experience a different art piece every day.