An atmospheric journey into history

Musée de la Gaspésie - “Where Worlds Meet”

Time-travelling into the depth of Gaspésie’s history through immersive technology and captivating storytelling

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Exhibition Conception & Design

Interactive Design - Fabrication - Production & Assembly

An atmospheric journey into history | MASSIVart - Exhibition Conception & Design

Musée de la Gaspésie’s new permanent exhibition, Where Worlds Meet, tells the rich history of this Quebec region.

How do you tell the story of a territory as rich as the Gaspésie in 2,105 square feet while making it engaging for everyone?

MASSIVart worked closely with the Musée de la Gaspésie team to find the most creative ways to meet this challenge, providing them with a variety of expertise ranging from exhibition design to project management.

To successfully complete this extensive project, which began in 2018 (to be completed in 2021), MASSIVart brought together more than 20 collaborators throughout Quebec and Gaspésie. With a wide range of expertise working together, 9170km travelled between Montreal and Gaspé, over 250 artifacts and archival documents considered, 22 custom-made glass showcases as well as 102 wooden panels cut to size for the immersive scenography and 14 projectors installed, the team succeeded in making this permanent exhibition a timeless one.

Technology plays an important role in the exhibition, which is integrated organically throughout the visitor’s journey. It allowed MASSIVart to introduce different ways of educating the viewers, reaching a wide audience while offering a more engaging experience.

Visitors will be able to experience the exhibition through elements such as the interactive book, mapping, projections, and additional content revealed through QR codes, video, and various sound elements. They connect with the artifacts and classic museum content by bringing a contemplative, poetic and fun touch.

The exhibition was imagined as an immersive experience while maintaining a unique, intuitive and sleek design. Whether it is the choice of colours, materials, or shapes, everything has been considered to provide the visitor with an atmospheric journey through the incredible Gaspésie history and maritime world.

The award-winning project has received an honorable mention from the 2021 International Design Awards jury in the Interior Design – Museum, Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions category.