PLAY on the Plaza: Spirited Summer Seating Fostering Sense of Community in Vancouver

SHAPE Properties

Energizing Public Seating for the Creation of Gathering Spaces at The Amazing Brentwood

Creative Placemaking

Artistic Activation

Art Production - Project Management - Pop-Up Activation

PLAY on the Plaza: Spirited Summer Seating Fostering Sense of Community in Vancouver | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

With summer in full swing, real estate management company SHAPE Properties wanted to bring an engaging placemaking activation that fostered a social spirit to their Amazing Brentwood property. Located just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, this expansive master-planned mixed-use development strives to be a vibrant community destination. SHAPE Properties looked at MASSIVart to create PLAY on the Plaza, a pop-up summer activation.

Our team conceptualized, designed, and managed the production and installation of bespoke and playful outdoor modules. This activation introduces potential conversation starters and offers fresh ways to activate spaces, foster community engagement, and create playful, experiential installations.

Inspired by the architectural design of The Amazing Brentwood’s outdoor plaza and its series of lines that connect its outer perimeter to its centre, MASSIVart developed a series of play-based modules that feel like a natural extension of those lines. Based on the theme of “the centre of gravity” and informed by the Amazing Brentwood summer branding, MASSIVart designed the modules with seating using their vibrant colour gradients in mind. The intention was to create an unmissable activation that was cohesive with the one-of-a-kind urban gathering place’s branding for all ages in a high-traffic zone of the property.

Bringing a sense of childlike excitement to the plaza, the modules were designed as functional seating integrated with 9 different games like cornhole, table tennis, chess, pucket, and more. Strategically placed throughout the plaza, the pieces seamlessly extend the utility of the space and offer visitors numerous opportunities to engage with their community. Built specifically to be restaged for the years to come, the modules further cement SHAPE Properties’ commitment to fostering a vibrant cultural hub.

By combining creative design, thoughtful curation, and sustainable practices, SHAPE Properties and MASSIVart showcased how innovative creative placemaking can elevate the identity of a real estate development, leaving a lasting impression on both visitors and the community at large. The PLAY on the Plaza activation has the potential to act as a conversation starter within the Amazing Brentwood community while also redefining urban gathering places, setting new standards for community engagement and public space design in Vancouver.