Montreal’s Insectarium

Pop-up art installations to celebrate the re-opening of the Insectarium & magnify its Pollinator Garden

A two-scale art experience to spread awareness on protecting our biodiversity

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Pop-up art installations to celebrate the re-opening of the Insectarium & magnify its Pollinator Garden | MASSIVart - Art Integration

As part of a series of events celebrating entomophily, i.e. the love, respect and appreciation of insects, Space for Life has inaugurated the Insectarium‘s brand-new Pollinator Garden in an artful way.

It is the first museum in North America where it is possible to discover a number of live and naturalized insect species. Like the other institutions of Space for Life, Montreal’s Insectarium wishes to accompany people to help them understand nature, especially to reconsider their relationship with insects.

MASSIVart’s multidisciplinary team delivered a two-scale experience, including the creative direction, artist curation and management as well as the production and installation of these two temporary art installations, which aroused the public’s curiosity. This artistic and playful experience allowed visitors to discover and raise awareness on the importance of pollinating insects in our ecosystem while promoting entomophily.

For the micro scale, Mini-Scenes from Daily Life was created in collaboration with Alexis Johnston Benamou. Eight artworks featured humorous interpretations of the natural behaviours of the pollinating insects from the garden. Visitors were invited to explore the garden, bending down to admire the 6-inch diameter miniature creatures on the ground or through the flowers.

For the macro scale, BZZZZZZZ! was created in collaboration with Castor & Pollux. The immersive and participative installation is a giant flower that puts humans on the same scale as pollinating insects. The challenge was creating a large art installation without having a big ecological footprint – as a result, the whole installation was made with organic or recyclable materials. This installation also raises awareness on the principles of pollination, inviting participants to play with pollen balls and move them from stamens to pistils like pollinating insects.

The pop-up installations have elevated the attractiveness and identity of the new insectarium while helping to convey awareness through great storytelling opportunities. MASSIVart is proud to have contributed to this memorable, meaningful and purposeful experience that empowered the local and emerging creative community.