Real Estate Development & Space Design Services

Hotels & Hospitality

MASSIVart enhances the guest experience with distinctively customized art, design and creative programming.

With consumer expectations at an all-time high, today’s hotels need to be more than just generic spaces with rooms and beds. To sustain growth, hoteliers must think even further outside the frame, incorporating art and cultural experiences in ever more original and unexpected ways.

Our approach extends beyond traditional art curation to custom installations, innovative art integration and year-round cultural programming.

  • Creative placemaking
  • Art masterplanning
  • Art curation and procurement
  • Lobby design
  • Creative meeting room design
  • Public space design
  • Custom-made art installation and fabrication
  • Cultural programming
  • Marketing campaigns support


MASSIVart conceives creative, desirable destinations that attract consumers towards more uplifting, engaging and memorable experiences. Experiences that customers will want to live, share and revisit.

We help brick-and-mortar retailers remain relevant by strategizing inventive ways for them to engage with shoppers. We drive consumer traffic to their locations, extend the duration of visits, and keep their brand in the conversation.

We build destinations.

  • Strategic design and cultural programming
  • Consumer events and activation
  • Creative window display design
  • Pop-up design and production
  • Custom temporary installation
  • Cultural programming
  • Digital activation
  • Event amplification
  • Marketing campaigns support
  • WELL certification


MASSIVart infuses residential spaces with soul and personality through its unique integration of art and culture.

New projects must now go above and beyond to stand out and remain both relevant and unique. MASSIVart develops and assembles project-specific art and design. We work alongside clients from ideation to fabrication, and through ongoing cultural programming.

We change the way real estate projects are conceived and destined to thrive.

  • Public art installation
  • Art collection and curation
  • Public space design
  • Commissioned art pieces
  • Showroom design
  • Construction site enhancement and activation
  • Construction hoarding
  • Marketing campaigns support
  • WELL certification


MASSIVart designs vibrant, vital and invitingly relatable work environments.

To attract and retain talent, today’s employers need to offer human-centric workplaces. We provide them with the experts and expertise to develop creative office spaces that foster innovation, productivity and sense of community.

  • Art collection and curation
  • Creative space design
  • Artistic integration
  • Cultural and artistic programming
  • Creative consulting
  • WELL certification

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