Guildford Town Centre Announces Partnership with Public Art Firm, MASSIVart for New Public Art Installation

This exciting collaboration will offer a unique shopping experience through these custom bold and bright pieces designed exclusively for Guildford Town Centre.


Surrey, B.C. (June 22, 2023, 10:00 a.m. PT) – Today, Guildford Town Centre by Ivanhoé Cambridge is unveiling a partnership with MASSIVart, an esteemed public art firm, to introduce a series of eight larger-than-life art installations in the Plaza at Entrance 3. This collaboration marks a milestone in Guildford Town Centre’s ongoing commitment to bringing culture and art to the shopping experience for their guests. By integrating artwork that provides supplementary seating and enhances their gathering spaces, Guildford Town Centre aims to create an unparalleled ambiance that will captivate and delight the community.

“We are thrilled to team up with international artists Craig & Karl to bring these immersive, inspirational, and exciting art installations to Guildford Town Centre,” shares Kiran Deol, Marketing Manager at Guildford Town Centre. “We believe this partnership will create an extraordinary shopping experience for our visitors, one that integrates our diverse culture and vibrant community but also captivates our guests and serves as a hub for connection and inspiration.”

For 14 years, MASSIVart has specialized in curating, producing, and promoting large-scale art installations. With over 1,700 artists, they collaborate to bring impactful artistic experiences to public spaces. At Guildford Town Centre, their contemporary, vibrant, and bold art installations will transform the plaza into a captivating focal point. These shapes will provide unique seating and gathering areas, creating a welcoming environment for guests to rest, socialize, and enjoy their visit. Whether catching up with friends, savouring a coffee, or simply appreciating the art, these new spaces will become cherished gathering spots within Guildford Town Centre.

“Using our signature bright colours and bold shapes, we’ve created a fun, immersive environment where visitors can meet friends and get inspired.” shares artists Craig and Karl. “Our use of colour and pattern creates a sense of joy and optimism, instilling a vibrant atmosphere at Guildford Town Centre.”

The engaging art installations will be accessible through Entrance 3 and are available to view and experience for free, today till September 4, 2023. Part of the campaign includes a digital game, scan to win, that allows guests to win various gift cards to Guildford Town Centre food and beverage retailers. On behalf of all non-winners, $2 will be donated to the Youth Arts Council of Surrey for $2,000 by the Centre. This donation will support young people in Surrey with access to and opportunities within the arts.

Guildford Town Centre welcomes visitors seven days a week at 10355 152 St, Surrey, BC. For updates on the public art installation, please visit


Source: Guildford Town Centre’s Press Release

Photos by Lucas Inacio