New creative minds join the MASSIVart team! Part 2

MASSIVart continues to grow! And we love introducing our newcomers. We continue this two part series with Casey Wagar, Director Client Relationships & Marketing – and Cassandre Gibeault, Digital Marketing & Communications Coordinator.


Welcome, Casey!

Casey likes to think of himself as a creative optimist who works equally well with different personalities. He brings over a decade of experience in marketing and brand management. Having worked in a diverse array of industries, from billion dollar corporations to small independent businesses, he has built a track record of providing persuasive marketing advice to successfully share the story of national brands. Everything he has learned has culminated in the right mix of knowledge for his role at MASSIVart, both when it comes to marketing, and having the opportunity to connect and work with many of MASSIVart’s wonderful clients.
Casey Wagar - Director Client Relationship & Marketing - MASSIVart

What were your impressions of Arts and Culture before joining the team, and how have they changed since working for MASSIVart?

I have always enjoyed meeting and connecting with people in the arts and culture industries, whether in Calgary where I am originally from, or now in Toronto. Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about arts and culture and I’m so grateful to now have a career where I can use that passion to help build these industries so more people can have access and appreciate them. I have already learned an incredible amount since being with MASSIVart and believe in the company’s mission to create culture and make art accessible to everyone.

What overarching goal(s) do you wish to accomplish during your time at MASSIVart?

Ultimately, I want to come in and quickly demonstrate the value my skills in marketing and client relations can bring. I would love to play a pivotal role in helping the business grow in Toronto, out west and in the US. The right combination of marketing and relationship-building skills is crucial as that continues to happen. I also love working with creative people so I feel fortunate to be here.

Can you describe the arts and culture in Toronto? What opportunities do you see on the horizon for MASSIVart in Toronto?

The arts and culture community is huge in Toronto and very active. I always say there is something in Toronto for everyone and that is especially true when it comes to arts and culture. I think there will be incredible opportunities for MASSIVart moving forward as life returns to a new normal and people want to appreciate creativity and culture. There will be an influx of occasions to help create culture and build communities in the city. We are seeing it already. It is an exciting time to be here!

Welcome, Cassandre!

Rounding out our talented new marketing team is Cassandre Gibeault. As a recent John Molson School of Business Marketing graduate at Concordia University in Montreal, Cassandre brings a fresh and informed perspective to the team. She combined her love of experiential and digital marketing, as well as interior design with her new role.

Cassandre Gibeault - Digital marketing and communications coordinator - MASSIVart

With MASSIVart moving towards more strategic real estate and placemaking projects, Cassandre’s prior work experience and exposure to the real estate world are an asset to the team. She is always eager to learn and contribute, and does so with energy and enthusiasm. Cassandre is also an impressive writer.

What were your impressions of Arts and Culture before joining the team, and how have they changed since working for MASSIVart?

Though I have always been fascinated by art and creatives, looking back now, I had limited understanding of various fields of art at the time. As a passionate believer in the power of art, and the impact it can have on people’s emotions and daily lives, my time at MASSIVart has only further amplified this belief. From visual arts, to artistic installations, to immersive experiences, to architecture, art can be found in almost everything we do. Arts and culture create experiences, and have the power to transform spaces into places.

What impact do you wish to have here at MASSIVart and how do you wish to achieve it?

I plan to propel MASSIVart forward by continuing to inspire both art and non-art lovers. As a communications and marketing professional, I have the opportunity not only to uphold the brand voice, but to amplify it to be heard by many, in an authentic and as humanly possible. I want to make art and culture as accessible as possible. In order to achieve this, it is essential to immerse myself in as many projects as possible, in order to truly understand their raison d’être and tell their unique stories.


We also want to acknowledge our wonderful interns, both past and present, who are crucial members to the team!