Complexe Desjardins - Les Espaces temps

Inspiring workspaces, thoughtfully designed for workers

An immersive three-part journey offering an alternative to the traditional workspace experience

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Inspiring workspaces, thoughtfully designed for workers | MASSIVart - Art Integration

Les Espaces temps, an innovative project created as part of the “I love working downtown” initiative, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal with support from the Québec government, takes us on an immersive three-part journey.

In collaboration with the Complexe Desjardins, SGM and MASSIVart have created a new cultural destination to offer an engaging experience and a moment for visitors to disconnect. The project will attract workers, but also all Montrealers spending time downtown, by proposing a space for art, culture and life that is both pleasant and multifunctional.

Our intention with Les Espaces temps is to help people feel happy about returning to their workplace, where they will find a pleasant atmosphere. We also take into account the new expectations of workers: to offer an attractive, flexible and interactive experience when returning to the office.

Équinoxe, Zénith and Éclipse were specially designed in collaboration with Montreal artists with the goal of offering an alternative to the traditional workspace experience. In these three inspiring spaces, everything works in harmony, striking a satisfying balance between productivity and relaxation, sharing and intimacy, conviviality and individuality.

ÉQUINOXE – The spring equinox celebrates the end of winter when the flowers begin to bloom while symbolising rebirth and new beginnings. After being abandoned by workers over the last two years, the city centre is finally returning to life. Équinoxe is a flexible space that frames the return to work in a more natural way. In an installation combining stone and wood, multidisciplinary artist Karim Charlebois-Zariffa invites workers to meet in a space that has put-down roots where large rocks protrude from the ground.

ZÉNITH – The zenith is a star’s highest point in the sky. By extension, it refers to the time of day when light and heat reach their climax. Teamwork and sharing of ideas take centre stage in this installation by the Design par Judith Portier studio. In an uncluttered and modern atmosphere, workers can meet and converse. Zénith is a light-filled space for collective creation.

ÉCLIPSE – In astronomy, a solar eclipse is an event during which the sun temporarily disappears as the moon moves in front of it. The sky briefly darkens and it seems like the sun has paused along its trajectory. Capturing this moment of suspension, Éclipse offers workers a soothing break. Through a changing light experience imagined by Ottomata, the work transports us into a space outside of time.

We are thrilled to contribute to making art & culture more accessible and present these immersive artworks in this iconic building in downtown Montreal. The project delivers impact by contributing to the vibrancy, resiliency and sustainability of Complexe Desjardins, meeting high Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) criteria while creating positive change.