We are a creative placemaking and public art firm.

What We Do

Through culture driven solutions, a multidisciplinary team and a global artist network, MASSIVart creates destinations where business and community meet.

We are cultural placemakers, curators, designers, strategists and producers for the public and private realm. Through our strategic creative vision, we see culture and placemaking as the cornerstone that enables the transformation of vibrant communities and businesses.

From high-level master planning to curation, fabrication and installation, we believe that art and culture have the ability to create value by shaping, enriching and contributing to the identity of places.

Inspired by the heritage and story of a place, we elevate the attractiveness and identity of destinations since 2009.


You can leverage the transformative power of art for:

Increase visitors and sales
Asset appreciation
Fuel local economic impact
Contribute to ESG goals of inclusivity and diversity
Foster civic engagement
Tenant attraction and faster lease ups
Brand identity, perception & reputation
Increase marketing and storytelling opportunities
Stronger and more authentic connections
Enhance innovation & creativity

Our Expertise

Our specialization runs across strategy, planning, design, fabrication, project management and communications.

Our Expertise

Art Curation
Placemaking & Placekeeping
Architectural Art Integrations
Public Realm Master Planning
Experience & Exhibition Design
Strategic & Creative Planning
Place Branding & Communications
Cultural Planning
Analysis, Research & Feasibility Studies
Turnkey Project Management
Fabrication Management

Our Expertise

What We Produce

We unite custom-tailored teams of passionate strategists, artists, designers, fabricators, curators, architects and storytellers to reimagine and create destinations through art and culture, from concept through execution.

Art & Culture Masterplans
Permanent Public Art
Temporary Art Installations
Creative Placemaking Strategies
Community Engagement Plans
Strategic & Creative Planning
Museum Exhibitions
Art Collections

Where We Are

Where We Are

We Advise, We Design, We Produce

We have developed a detailed and rigorous process, from concept through execution, that both meets our clients objectives and delivers creative assets that surpass expectations.


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