A Celebration of Art and Fashion

Oakridge Park

Balloon Ball Gowns by Gab Bois at Oakridge Park Gallery in Vancouver

Pop-up Art Installation

Oakridge Park

Artistic Activation

Art Production - Pop-Up Activation - Project Management

A Celebration of Art and Fashion | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

Oakridge Park, a visionary development in Vancouver jointly driven by Westbank and QuadReal, is one of North America’s most monumental redevelopments. Its highly anticipated shopping center is set to grandly open its doors in 2024, becoming the new centrepiece of the region.

The Oakridge Park Gallery welcomes individuals to explore the development project through a captivating display of unique art pieces that embody its essence (Live, Work, Shop, Culture). In an effort to represent the shopping and fashion components, MASSIVart, acting as the art consultant and project manager, has orchestrated an artistic activation for this Summer, adding an enchanting touch to the experience. The aim was to create a distinctive, temporal, and joyous art experience to attract increased foot traffic, media attention, and overall positive visitor experience.

For a few days, visitors can explore Oakridge Park’s creative twist on the S/S 2023 “airy” fashion trend with this sartorial installation featuring three bespoke Balloon Ball Gowns by world-renowned artist Gab Bois. This exhibition combines her whimsical concepts with Kristal Yee’s twisting expertise, creating inflated garments that reimagine balloons as festive party dresses. These pieces pay homage to everyday materials, repurposed into elevated and intricate artworks that showcase meticulous craftsmanship, indicative of Gab Bois’ artistic practice.

“I am influenced by the surreal qualities of everyday objects and love to express humour through my installations and designs. This project is a playful way of reimagining balloons as festive party dresses, repurposing the material into elevated and intricate works.” – Gab Bois

Being a daring artist with a keen eye for photography, she proved to be the perfect fit for this project. With creative interpretations of everyday objects, she pushes the boundaries of materiality, gaining significant attention on social media for her distinctive aesthetic.

Inspired by the grandeur of the Met Gala, this display seamlessly blends art and fashion, leaving guests with a memorable feeling of these playful pieces. The art pieces not only engage with viewers on an aesthetic level but also evoke feelings of joy and wonder. The artistic exploration and craftsmanship of unexpected materials, combined with the talent of Gab Bois, serves the Oakridge Park development’s goal of fostering a thriving cultural community at the heart of Vancouver.