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The Impact of Creative Placemaking & Public Art Installations in the Retail Sector in Mexico

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A Strategic Partnership with Galerías MX | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

Galerías MX, a member of the Liverpool Group and a leading chain of retail centres in Mexico, specializes in the commercial, financial, and real estate sectors. Known for its commitment to excellence in retail, Galerías MX is crafting vibrant destinations for its visitors. Through collaboration with public art consultants MASSIVart, they embark on a journey of creative placemaking. This partnership is reshaping the retail landscape by weaving public art and creative endeavours into the fabric of everyday shopping. Explore the impact of art in retail and how it redefines consumer experiences through three projects.

How to Enhance Consumer Experiences Through Art

By collaborating with MASSIVart as their trusted public art consultants, Galerías MX revolutionizes the retail experience in Mexico, transforming retail centers into vibrant, family-friendly spaces where shopping meets entertainment. By integrating arts, culture, and trends, Galerías MX elevates the traditional shopping experience, creating aesthetic and interactive environments for consumers.

The brand remains at the forefront of retail innovation by incorporating the latest in entertainment, making it a pioneer in turning malls into destinations that align with contemporary consumer desires. Initiatives like Galerías Kids showcase the brand’s dedication to combining art, retail, and entertainment to forge unforgettable spaces that not only engage but also stand out.

Art is key to making Galerías MX venues immersive, seamlessly integrating it with commerce to captivate consumers in novel ways. Collaborating with MASSIVart, Galerías MX leverages art to boost consumer interactions and fulfill its mission to enrich shopping environments.

The Role of Creative Placemaking at Galerías MX

Creative placemaking leverages arts, culture, and design to rejuvenate communities, spotlighting local talent and fostering connections. Through strategic design and artist curation, MASSIVart enhances Galerías MX with installations that celebrate Mexican art’s vibrancy, making each visit a unique blend of culture and retail.

Pasaje Floral:
Inspired by the vision to create a unique and immersive experience for mall visitors, Mexican artist Oscar Torres, with the suggestion from MASSIVart, embarked on creating “Pasaje Floral,” a suspended garden that became the centrepiece of Galerías MX’s malls. Beyond mere decoration, this installation aimed to inject dynamic energy into retail centres, attracting the community and enhancing visitor experiences with its captivating beauty. Pasaje Floral travelled to four retail centres across Mexico.

Creating Moments with Coapa:
In line with the vision to transform and energize public spaces, the colourful LED mural at Galerías MX’s Coapa location, conceived by artist Pamela Medina, was introduced. This 4-meter by 4-meter piece not only revitalized the food court area but also demonstrated a commitment to creating vibrant and welcoming spaces for the community, showcasing the synergy of art and space activation by Pamela Medina.

Pepe, El Perezoso:
Envisioned by artist Fernando Parra to spread joy and wonder, “Pepe, El Perezoso,” a larger-than-life inflatable sloth, brought a unique charm to Galerías MX retail centers in Mexico. Curated and delivered by MASSIVart, this delightful installation was not just a hit with children but also showcased the practical benefits of colourful, easy-to-store and transport art, aligning to make spaces more engaging and flexible. Pepe, El Perezoso is making its rounds, spreading magic throughout various Galerías MX locations in Mexico.

Impact Insights

Elevating Community Perception and Engagement
Community feedback and social media engagement have shown that the installations positively impacted consumers’ perception of Galerías MX. They foster a sense of community engagement and make the spaces more memorable and shareable on social media platforms. There has also been an uptick in foot traffic, indicating that the installations were a significant drawcard for visitors.

In today’s competitive retail landscape, integrating creative placemaking and art installations is essential for standing out. This approach demands strategic partnerships and a focus on immersive sensory experiences, especially in family-friendly settings. By engaging local artists and fostering community involvement, retail centers can enhance inclusivity, build lasting memories, and strengthen brand loyalty. The partnership between MASSIVart and Galerías MX exemplifies the economic and inspirational benefits of integrating creative placemaking & public art into retail spaces.