NBA x Hennessy: NBA Beyond The Lines

NBA Week Mexico City 2021

Celebrating the vibrant spirit of basketball - beyond the sport - with an artistic and immersive experience

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NBA x Hennessy: NBA Beyond The Lines | MASSIVart - Art Event Management

MASSIVart was given the opportunity by NBA and Hennessy to launch their global partnership with a vibrant art experience: NBA Beyond The Lines – on October 1, 2 and 3, 2021 in Mexico.

The opportunity was to find ways to unite and inspire the Mexican community while also raising awareness and celebrating this unique and progressive partnership.

To bring this to life, MASSIVart, in close collaboration with NBA and Hennessy, curated and produced a three-day contemporary art exhibition showcasing local as well as world-renowned artists, demonstrating the vibrant spirit of basketball – beyond the sport.

A tailor-made exhibition
Integrating elements of art and technology, MASSIVart curated a memorable exhibition in a warehouse in Mexico City to offer people a moment to connect with basketball’s one-of-a-kind culture.

National artists were invited to exhibit works inspired by basketball in various media: sculptures by Morelos León Celis and Laura Meza Orozco, paintings by Carleti López Traviesa, illustrations by Hola Lou and Miguel Avila, photography with Julio Ramírez and mixed practices by Carlos A. Mora. The goal was to communicate the spirit of basketball in creative and innovative ways, generating a strong connection with viewers.

MASSIVart curated an immersive room showcasing the multi-award-winning new media studio, Ouchhh. The talented team created content from data generated from the NBA’s 75 years of existence: including the number of players, number of games, individual stats, etc. The data was translated into stunning visuals that wowed all visitors, offering an irresistible multi-sensory experience.

As a surprise element, MASSIVart also fabricated a colourful basketball court in collaboration with Mexican urban artist Asero Rodriguez. During the day, people were able to enjoy the court and capture the moment with photos. At night, the court was transformed into a breathtaking dance floor thanks to the integration of glow-in-the-dark elements that surprised and impressed guests.

Customized branding and ambiance
Before and during the event, everything was designed to create a unique identity for NBA & Hennessy. From digital content and invitations to ambiance elements such as neon lights or takeaway postcards, attendees will not only remember their experience but also the brands behind it.

To support the alluring atmosphere, brought by the scenography and the branding, Calacas livened up the space with a sexy set of music that vibrated the crowd.

NBA Beyond The Lines three-day exhibition brought the Mexican community together with accessible experiences, generating plenty of social media shares, and providing a fresh perspective on basketball.