Public Art Installation Acts as a Catalyst in a Vibrant Journey of Place, Memory, and Home

Luminato Festival & Brookfield Properties

Jordan Bennett's 'Echoes Calling Back' Takes Center Stage in Downtown Toronto this Summer

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Public Art Installation Acts as a Catalyst in a Vibrant Journey of Place, Memory, and Home | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

With its playful colours, imaginative design, and profound symbolism, Jordan Bennett’s “Echoes Calling Back” is an awe-inspiring public art installation and activation that invites viewers to playful reflection and the profound significance of place, geography, memory, and home.

Curated and managed by MASSIVart’s multidisciplinary team as public art consultants, this installation brings together Jordan Bennett, Luminato Festival and Brookfield Properties’ vision to life.

“Echoes Calling Back” was initially showcased at Toronto’s Luminato Festival in June of 2023 and is finding a temporary second home at Brookfield Properties’ Bay Adelaide Centre.

The Artist and the Concept
Commissioned by the Luminato Festival and presented by Brookfield Properties, “Echoes Calling Back” showcases the visionary talent of Jordan Bennett. Exploring the ancient relics of North American mega-fauna and using Bennett’s signature graphic style evocative of porcupine quill work found in Mi’kmaq visual culture, this whimsical antler imagines a playful remnant from a distant past, and will remind us that what we now call Toronto (Tkaron:to) was uncolonized and teeming with life stewarded by Indigenous nations of the territory (the Mississaugas).

Echoes Calling Back at the Luminato Festival
During its display at the Luminato Festival, “Echoes Calling Back” offered visitors a vibrant experience. The larger-than-life scale of the inflatable structure could be found at College Park, and its bold colours immediately caught the eye of both art enthusiasts and passersby. Sparking conversations and encouraging introspection, “Echoes Calling Back” inspired viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between their urban environment and its natural origins.

A Second Life at Brookfield Properties’ Bay Adelaide Centre
Thanks to a fruitful partnership with Brookfield Properties, the impact of “Echoes Calling Back” has been extended beyond the Luminato Festival. The moose antler will travel at Brookfield Properties’ Bay Adelaide Centre in Arnell Plaza. This collaboration ensures a broader audience in downtown Toronto can engage with the piece. On display to the public throughout July and August 2023, “Echoes Calling Back” can be spotted in the bustling urban hub of Toronto’s Financial District. The collaboration between MASSIVart, Luminato Festival Toronto, Brookfield Properties, and Jordan Bennett amplifies the cultural landscape of Toronto, facilitating a vibrant dialogue around the themes explored within the artwork.

In embracing the principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access, this piece is an exquisite showcase of the power of integrating diverse perspectives and voices. This artwork not only fosters a sense of unity and understanding, but also contributes to placekeeping and the preservation of cultural heritage. As a travelling artwork, “Echoes Calling Back” stands out as a remarkable example of sustainability within the creative sphere, diverging from conventional one-off exhibits. Its mobility allows it to reach a wider audience, promoting dialogue and appreciation for Indigenous art while exemplifying the enduring sustainability of such travelling creations.