Summer Time Artistic Activation is a Vibrant Celebration of Mexican Artistry

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Oscar Torres’ Large Scale Suspended Garden is Blooming Across Shopping Centres in Mexico

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Summer Time Artistic Activation is a Vibrant Celebration of Mexican Artistry | MASSIVart - Artistic Activation

Galerías MX, a company specializing in investing, owning, and managing retail centres throughout Mexico, sought to create a captivating spectacle during the summer and boost traffic to three of their shopping centers. Their objective was to deliver a distinctive experience celebrating a local Mexican artist. Turning to MASSIVart for a creative and innovative solution, “Pasaje Floral,” an extraordinary, larger-than-life garden installation that not only redefined the ambiance of the malls and also showcased local artist Oscar Torres’ remarkable talent. Through MASSIVart’s curation and production management, the result was an enchanting fusion of art and retail, leaving visitors spellbound by the magnitude of the activation. As news of this awe-inspiring installation spread, foot traffic increased, solidifying the shopping centers’ status as vibrant community hubs.

Render to Reality

Recognizing Galerías MX’s desire for something extraordinary, MASSIVart proposed a suspended garden installation as the centrepiece of their malls’ decor. Emphasizing the importance of creating an activation rather than a decoration, the aim was to infuse the Galerías MX’s shopping centres with a dynamic energy that motivates the community to visit and enhances the overall visitor experience.

The project provided artist Oscar Torres with new artistic territory to explore. As an illustrator, this was the first 3D piece of his. Crafted using lightweight fabrics and motors, “Pasaje Floral has 90 pieces suspended 12 metres above ground, enabling shoppers to pass underneath the piece. Collaborating with Oscar Torres, “Pasaje Floral” and drawing inspiration from Jesús Morelos garden placed directly below the suspended activation has resulted in a stunning experience for visitors.

Travelling Across Mexico

With the goal to generate viral buzz and increase foot traffic during the summer months, the “Pasaje Floral” began its tour at Galerías MX’s Liverpool Shopping Centre. Gearing up for its next appearance at Perisur Shopping Centre, Galerías MX asked MASSIVart if the team could make it even bigger! The MASSIVart team added the same design elements from the suspended garden on the ground, giving the experience that ten inflatable floral pieces grow from the ground. Creating a more immersive experience for visitors, Perisur Shopping Centre has complemented the activation by playing a recording of gentle bird songs at the activation. Delivering visual splendour, bringing vibrant colours, seasonal motifs and an engaging experience for shoppers, “Pasaje Floral” will finish its tour in Monterrey in August 2023.