Insectarium and MASSIVart Collaborate to Promote Insect Biodiversity Preservation Through Art-Driven Activations

Celebrating entomophilia, the Insectarium | Montréal Space for Life has partnered with MASSIVart to launch an innovative campaign to educate and inspire the public about preserving insect biodiversity. Through captivating art-driven experiences strategically placed throughout Montréal, the campaign seeks to raise awareness and ignite a sense of wonder, respect, and appreciation for these often-overlooked creatures. MASSIVart - Insectarium - MUTEK - Leon Louder performance on August 22nd - to celebrate the love of insects

Entomophilia, the love, respect, and appreciation of insects, has driven the Insectarium’s commitment to conserving these essential members of our ecosystem. The joint effort with MASSIVart has resulted in four large-scale creative activations designed to engage the community, spread knowledge, and promote sustainable practices.

MASSIVart - Insectarium - MUTEK - Leon Louder performance on August 22nd - to celebrate the love of insects

The first was Mini-Scenes from Daily Life & BZZZZZZZ!, a temporary two-scale art installation to inaugurate the Insectarium’s Pollinator Garden. The second activation was the Entomomiam kiosk in downtown Montreal to introduce the public to the wonders of entomophilic gastronomy, the sustainable food practice of dining on edible insects. The third activation was Land Art, which brought a delightful fusion of art by local artists and entomophilia celebrations to Montréal’s Frédéric-Back Park.

The campaign’s final activation will be taking place at MUTEK 2023 Festival. Showcasing the musical mastery of composer and music producer Leon Louder and the sounds of insects. MUTEK, renowned for its fusion of live electronic music and real-time audiovisual performances, offers the perfect platform for this extraordinary collaboration. Leon Louder’s distinguished career, spanning back to 2003, is characterized by his visionary artistry and ability to create music that reflects the intricacies of the modern world. For this exceptional performance, Louder will exclusively utilize sampled sounds of insects to compose a captivating sonic journey. He aims to breathe life into these creatures’ inherent vibrancy and captivating allure through his artistic prowess, intertwining them with mesmerizing polyrhythms and evocative harmonic tapestries.

MASSIVart - Insectarium - MUTEK - Leon Louder performance on August 22nd - to celebrate the love of insects

The Insectarium aims to immerse visitors in a newfound appreciation and admiration for insects. The campaign aims to empower the public to actively safeguard our planet’s fragile biodiversity by showcasing its beauty and highlighting its significance within our ecosystem. Throughout the campaign, the Insectarium and MASSIVart have successfully engaged the community and fostered a greater understanding of the role insects play in sustaining life on Earth. The art-driven experiences have captured the hearts and minds of visitors, inspiring them to view insects through a new lens of respect and admiration.

As the campaign draws to a close, the Insectarium and MASSIVart invite everyone to join Leon Louder’s transformative musical experience at MUTEK and discover insects’ magic through art and sound. Together, let us celebrate entomophilia and take proactive steps to ensure a sustainable and harmonious coexistence with nature.