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Inspiring Change: Large-Scale Creative Activations Raise Awareness about Insect Biodiversity

Art-Driven Installations to Raise Awareness about Insects Brings a Buzz of Excitement to Montréal

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Inspiring Change: Large-Scale Creative Activations Raise Awareness about Insect Biodiversity | MASSIVart - Art Integration

In celebrating entomophilia, the love, respect and appreciation of insects, the Insectarium | Montréal Space for Life launched a campaign to educate and inspire people to be part of the solution in preserving insect biodiversity. Looking to create engaging activations to educate and inspire, the Insectarium turned to MASSIVart. Our multidisciplinary team curated, designed and produced a variety of creative activations throughout Montréal, including multi-scale public art installations and activation focused on entomophilic gastronomy. Each activation has delivered impactful and engaging art-driven experiences for the public.

Land Art

The third activation brought a delightful fusion of art and entomophilia celebrations to Montréal’s Frédéric-Back Park. MASSIVart’s team curated the artists to be selected by a committee formed by the Insectarium. Once selected, MASSIVart oversaw the production of the three stunning artworks inspired by insects that were selected, collaborating with talented artists and creatives such as Collectif Escargo, Architecturama, and Frédéric Saia. These artistic installations seamlessly integrate into the engaging activities that will be organized by TOHU throughout the summer, offering a platform for reflection, conversation, and education about insect protection and biodiversity.

One of the awe-inspiring artworks, Bivouac, was conceptualized by Collectif Escargo. This larger-than-life creation showcases the mesmerizing complexity and beauty of butterfly wings, crafted using recycled sails and masts. The sparkling, gigantic wings symbolize the extraordinary journey of migratory insects, leaving spectators captivated.

Meanwhile, À l’antenne by Architecturama draws inspiration from native Quebec insects like the white-spotted sawyer and the white admiral. As visitors approach the oversized antennas, they gain a glimpse into how insects perceive their environment. This piece, crafted from reclaimed metal and wood, magnifies the insects’ sensitive sensory organs, enabling them to detect odours, sounds, flavours, humidity, and more.

Frédéric Saia’s Hortus formica invites us to explore the vital role of ants in our ecosystem, granting access to the otherwise invisible world of an anthill. Using reclaimed materials, Saia created this remarkable artwork, inviting visitors inside to discover the remarkable significance of ants and their interconnectedness with nature.


For the fourth and final activation, the Insectarium will be presenting the musical mastery of Leon Louder at MUTEK. MUTEK, an innovative festival renowned for its fusion of live electronic music and real-time audiovisual performances, serves as the perfect stage for this extraordinary collaboration. Leon Louder, a Canadian composer and music producer, will deliver a mesmerizing live performance consisting of four movements, captivating both artists and the public in attendance.

With a career spanning back to 2003, Leon Louder has established himself as a visionary artist, celebrated for his unique ability to create evocative and celebratory music that reflects the intricacies of our modern world. His compositions embody an unconventional blend of unorthodox sounds, irregular rhythms, and experimental elements. Employing customized machines and handmade acoustic instruments, Louder constructs a sonic landscape that teems with percussive anomalies, intricate micro-melodies, and idiosyncratic rhythmic programming.

At MUTEK, Leon Louder will invite listeners to embark on a captivating sonic journey, exclusively utilizing sampled sounds of insects. Through his artistic prowess, Leon will breathe more life into the inherent vibrancy and captivating allure of these creatures, intertwining them within mesmerizing polyrhythms and evocative harmonic tapestries that strike an emotional chord with the audience. Submerged in a sonic ecosystem like no other, visitors will immerse themselves in a newfound appreciation and admiration for the beauty of insects.

Through our expertise, the MASSIVart team curated, designed, and executed engaging large-scale creative activations that have captivated the broader community, spreading the love and respect of insects. By delivering art-driven experiences, we strived to ignite a sense of wonder, respect, and appreciation for insects, ultimately encouraging everyone to become active participants in safeguarding our planet’s fragile ecosystem.