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Chromatic Festival | MASSIVart - Event Management

The Project

Founded by MASSIVart in 2009, Chromatic is a Montreal-based annual arts festival and creator of cultural experiences. An immersive, engaging and highly inspirational celebration of arts + culture, the event is a multidisciplinary platform to showcase various art forms including audio-visual, new media, interactive and traditional works.

Chromatic brings communities together, provides a domain from which the unexpected emerges, and serves as a public space for artists and art enthusiasts to engage. The root of our passions and the core of Chromatic’s programming is driven by our desire to change the public’s perception of art and make it more accessible and consumed by everyone. All event programming, creative installations, scenography and art direction is curated and produced by the MASSIVart team.

Photo Credits : Chromatic Festival - Camille Poitevin - Guy Lheureux - Arthur Rad - Kirubel Mehari - Bruno Destombes