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MASSIVart Brings Québec Creativity to China.

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Export Québec | MASSIVart - Creative Events & Art Event Management

The Project

As part of Quebec Prime Minister Philippe Couillard’s delegation to Shanghai, China, This is Québec was a premier showcase to highlight Canada’s leading creative companies. MASSIVart and Export Québec co-produced this 3-day immersive networking event that put a spotlight on global design, multimedia, entertainment, VR/AR, fashion, video gaming, engineering, music and photography.

From conceptualization to onsite execution and management, MASSIVart curated this pilot event, inviting more than 50 companies to explore and forge new business relationships in China, as well as, to spread their expertise in the international sphere. Conferences, discussion panels, one-to-one meetings, performances, networking activities and a large multimedia exhibition was organized to enable Québec companies to demonstrate their expertise to the Chinese community while presenting a unique platform of encounters, discoveries and innovations through creativity and art.