Artist Spotlight: Alejandra Ballesteros

Artist Spotlight: Alejandra Ballesteros | MASSIVart

As we recently celebrated the first anniversary of MASSIVart Mexico, we wanted to mark the occasion by giving the floor to a Mexican artist we love and who will bring colour and joy to your day!


We talked with Ale Ballesteros to enter her inner world and learn more about the inspirations and motivations behind her work.

Ale Ballesteros is a 28-year-old Mexican artist. She is a designer by profession but life led her to the illustration world. She loves the beach, talking non-stop and pizza with pineapple. During her career, she has collaborated with various brands such as Google Allo, Snapchat, Travel Leisure, Shondaland, Bonafont, Nike, WeWork and Gaia, among others.

Alejandra Ballesteros

Left: portrait of the artist / Right: “Spring”, illustration by Alejandra Ballesteros


Her work is characterized by the use of bright colours, simple and organic forms, dynamic compositions, and tropical themes with touches of feminine empowerment. To her, illustrating is a way of materializing her inner world:

« There are times when I have so many ideas and feelings that illustrating them frees me in some way and leaves me space to continue feeling. » said Ale.


Ale was born in Mexico City but at age 6 moved to Cancun, where she grew up and lived most of her life. Having grown up surrounded by warm, rich natural landscapes has greatly influenced the artist’s work, who portrays worlds of powerful colour and fluid lines.


Left: The natural landscape of Cancun, Mexico is an important inspiration for the artist / Right: “Sunrise”, illustration by Alejandra Ballesteros


Ale also finds inspiration in pre-Hispanic art for its organic forms and for the symbolism behind them. This art also shows a strong link to the natural world, which resonates with Ale’s work.

« Everything around me inspires me, I like to play at simplifying the shapes of things that surround me. Nature inspires me to bring its forms to everyday objects. I like to feel that my illustrations flow » said Ale.


Left: “Dancing Dogs of Colima”, prehispanic sculpture from the state of Colima, Mexico / Right: “Loving the sun”, illustration by Alejandra Ballesteros


Another great inspiration for the artist is the work of the French Henri Matisse. Ale manages to bring Matisse’s signature use of colour and the fluid lines to a contemporary Latin context:

« I try to make my work combine empathy with my tropical vision of the world to create unique and memorable images. » commented Ale.


Left: “Odalisque in red trousers”, Henri Matisse, 1927 / Right: “Together”, illustration by Alejandra Ballesteros