MASSIVart Discussing Creative Placemaking at Disruption Days Chicago


Disruption Days 2024, a pivotal conference scheduled for April 11 & 12th in Chicago, will feature Estefanía Cardoso, Mexico’s managing partner of MASSIVart, as a panellist.

The event is set to delve into the future of Real Estate across the Americas. Throughout two engaging days, industry leaders and visionaries will gather to explore the transformative potential of space reconversion in revitalizing urban landscapes. Estefanía will be presenting alongside Amina Helstern, Nick Cameron, and Antonio Pérez from Perkins&Will, Ignacio Torres and Adrián Hidalgo of 4S Real Estate, Christopher Gebara from Rakennus, Ana Karen Mora from Fibra UNO, and Daniela Castro from JWA México.

Disruption Days - Public Art, Creative Placemaking, and Real Estate Conference in Chicago. Speakers for 2024


In a compelling session titled “Creative Placemaking: More Than Pretty Places,” Cardoso will share her invaluable perspectives on the substantial impact of creative placemaking. She will discuss how art and design not only enhance a space’s visual appeal but also play a crucial role in fostering urban regeneration and invigorating community spirit.

The Presentation

  • Delving into topics such as the economic advantages of Creative Placemaking, MASSIVart discusses the necessity of incorporating creative methodologies from the beginning of development projects, advocating for a comprehensive approach to placemaking.
  • By establishing cross-disciplinary collaborations with architects and developers, Estefanía aims to illuminate the process of integrating creativity into the core of urban development.
  • Focusing on social inclusivity and safety, the presentation will further accentuate MASSIVart’s dedication to creating welcoming and easily accessible spaces for the community.

    More Than Pretty Places

    Estefanía’s presentation will underline artistic placemaking’s power to mould neighbourhood destinations that not only allure foot traffic but also forge the backbone for communal connectivity and economic fortitude. This innovative strategy proves indispensable in empowering neighbourhoods with resilience and vibrant identities.

    “Creative Placemaking signifies more than beautification; it’s the heartbeat of ecology, economy, and sociology that rejuvenates our cities,” says Estefanía Cardoso. “Through art and design, we champion a future where every public space tells a story, fosters community, and prospers economically.” A must-attend for developers, urban planners, and community advocates looking to craft a future built on the robust pillars of art, sustainability, and inclusion.


    Learn more about Disruption Days on April 11th & 12th in Chicago here.


    Disruption Days - Public Art, Creative Placemaking, and Real Estate Conference in Chicago. Speakers for 2024