MASSIVart's own artistic director, curator and consultant’s latest installation "La couleur des souvenirs"

At MASSIVart, we pride ourselves on our team, which is made up of passionate creatives. Alice Pouzet, MASSIVart’s Artistic Director, curator and art consultant, is no exception. As a valuable member of our creative team, Pouzet is also an inspiring artist. Since graduating with a Master Degree from École Supérieure d’Art de Clermont Métropole in France, Alice has participated in numerous art exhibitions around the world.

Alice’s current exhibition, Raconter l’invisible, is a collective exhibition with artist Léa Mercante. Her installation – La couleur des souvenirs – evokes memory and form. As she places her memories at the center of her process, she is reminded of the architecture of the various places where she has lived. Her latest installation draws its inspiration from the memories of significant shapes and forms in her mind.

Her artistic direction and process are truly unique. Alice collects forms to establish a sculptural repertoire consisting of raw materials. Her work presents forgotten architectures, where the edges and the contours are erased little by little from her memory. The forms and elements, once combined together, create a scenography, reminiscent of these mental spaces where materials and colours coexist. The stripped space refers to a landscape close to what could be a forgotten place of life.

La couleur des souvenirs - art installation - Alice Pouzet - MASSIVartLa couleur des souvenirs - art installation - Alice Pouzet - MASSIVartLa couleur des souvenirs - art installation - Alice Pouzet - MASSIVart

The installation includes various handmade tapestries, plaster and resin sculptures as well as drawings. The whole is presented in a minimalist and uncluttered environment in order to highlight the shapes and colours of each element. Several furniture elements were custom-made by the artist in order to create a coherent scenography.

MASSIVart is thrilled to have a talented artist like Alice as part of our team. Her work continues to inspire many!

The art installation, La couleur des souvenirs, will be visible until August 13th by appointment in Sutton, Quebec. Please contact Alice Pouzet by phone at (438) 722-1332 or by email at