PlacemakingX Summit 2023: Inspiring Global Change with MASSIVart's Philippe Demers in Creative Placemaking Roundtable in Mexico City

The PlacemakingX Global Placemaking Summit 2023, scheduled to take place in Mexico City from November 1st to 5th, marks an exciting gathering of individuals and networks that are spearheading the global placemaking movement. The summit represents a unique opportunity to nurture and bolster 33 regional city-building networks with diverse, cross-cutting agendas and program development.

Pioneering Placemaking in Mexico City

Mexico City, the host city for the event, has been a long-standing leader in the realm of public spaces and placemaking initiatives. Over the past decade, numerous leaders have collaborated with Summit host Guillermo Bernal and Fundación Placemaking México, an organization he established. The foundation has pioneered various projects and programs that enhance the public realm in Mexico City and across the nation, serving as a shining example for other networks seeking to implement similar initiatives.

Attendees at the Summit will learn from and engage with discourse, creating quality places and contributing to the development of a collective global placemaking agenda, fostering collaborations and shared insights.

A Roundtable Discussion with MASSIVart’s Philippe Demers

Among those participating in the summit, MASSIVart’s CEO, Philippe Demers, will be lending his expertise in a roundtable discussion in a ‘fishbowl’ format focused on creative placemaking.

The lineup for this engaging discussion includes other participants such as Marcus Westbury of FB IDEAs, Kady Yellow of Downtown Vision Inc., and Paul Augarde from Augarde & Partners. Philippe’s presence at this roundtable promises to bring forth fresh insights and ideas on how to create vibrant public spaces and healthy communities, underscoring the collaborative and forward-thinking nature of the PlacemakingX Global Placemaking Summit.