The 2021 Applied Arts Awards grants MASSIVart two award-winning projects!

MASSIVart is honoured to have been recognized by The Applied Arts Awards competition for two recent avant-garde projects — The W Montreal Hotel in the Environmental-Complete Environment Design category, and the “Jardin des espoirs” Winter Station in the Environmental-Experiential/Event Design category.


For 30 years, The Applied Arts Awards competition has recognized international creative excellence across the visual communications sector. The competition is also the only competition in Canada to establish the industry standard in the photography, illustration, design, advertising and interactive disciplines.

The Applied Arts Awards are decorated by a new jury every year, both Canadian and international designers, challenged with upholding the benchmark of excellence. Each jury member brings a unique background and level of experience to the table, providing an informed and fresh perspective to the competition. After all, there is no one more critical of the work of designers than designers themselves. A few notable jurors include:

  • Richard Colbourne – Executive Creative Director, Addison, New York, NY
  • John Devereaux – Creative Director, Perfect Day, St-John’s, NL
  • Rafael Esquer – CEO & Creative Director, Alfalfa Studio, New York, NY
  • Julie Gélina – Creative Director, Design, Ogilvy, Montreal, QC


Learn more about the 16 notable members for the 2021 Applied Arts Awards here.

With such experienced professionals in the design and creative industry, MASSIVart appreciates both that our passion-filled projects, the W Montreal Hotel and the “Jardin des espoirs” Winter Station, resonated with the renowned jury members and our collaborators.

Art Integrations By MASSIVart To Enhance The New Design At The W Montreal Hotel

W Montreal Hotel

Environmental-Complete Environment Design Winner


MASSIVart was challenged to amplify the hotel experience through art, specifically by curating and producing art installations that embody the hotel’s new identity and to enhance the customer experience.
In collaboration with the W Montreal, MASSIVart spent one year working with Sid Lee Architecture on the integration of artworks into their vision. The result: three main art and design pieces permanently integrated in the remarkable lobby and four artworks in the conference rooms.

As a reminder of the building’s roots as a banking institution, Toronto artist Camille Jodoin-Eng produced a luminous and golden installation in the lobby, resembling a bank vault filled with memories. To embellish the bar area, French artist Etienne Rey produced a 67’ long and 5’4” high artwork, revealing different colour combinations depending on the viewer’s position. MASSIVart further added warmth to the space with a neon heart lighting installation, as a reference to the streets of Montreal. Lastly, the hotel’s conference rooms were magnified by local artists — Cyndie Belhumeur, Jason Botkin, Derek Mehaffey, Whatisadam & Stikki Peaches — as a way to honour some of the best urban art expressions in the city.

Discover MASSIVart’s W Hotel project in the winners’ gallery of the Applied Arts Award competition here.


Stations hivernales Montreal - Creative Placemaking - Public Art - MASSIVart

“Jardin des espoirs” Winter Station

Environmental-Experiential/Event Design Winner


MASSIVart’s mandate was to produce installations capable of withstanding the Montreal winter, to improve the experience for residents and local business owners during a hard-hit winter. In collaboration with Aedifica, Körnelius and the Groupe Information Travail‘s woodworking workshop, MASSIVart created immersive artistic installations to revitalize vacant public spaces at Place du Village-de-la-Pointe-aux-Trembles and to stimulate local commerce.

Reminiscent of the colours of cargo ship containers sailing the Saint-Laurent River, the illuminated and decorated multiform structures successfully brightened up the daily lives of locals and promoted local commerce. Locals were invited to receive ribbons from nearby stores to be added to the installations, making the experience a participative one. In the end, the public art installation fulfilled two important objectives in a pandemic context: to bring back joy to locals and to encourage the local economy.

Discover MASSIVart’s “Jardin des espoirs” Winter Station project in the winners’ gallery of the Applied Arts Award competition here.

Thank you again to the 2021 Applied Arts Awards for the recognition in two prestigious categories!