Be Grand® Del Valle residential development project

How art built a solid foundation for client engagement

Reflecting the lifestyle of Be Grand® through an inviting art-infused showroom

Strategic and Creative Consulting

Showroom Design & Experience

Commissioned Art Piece - Production

How art built a solid foundation for client engagement | MASSIVart - Showroom Design & Experience

Be Grand®, one of the Real Estate leaders in Mexico, entrusted MASSIVart to reimagine the showroom of a major development project in one of the areas with more growth in the City, colonia Del Valle.

Looking to build unique & engaging ways to generate leads & drive traffic, MASSIVart acted as an art consultant and strategic partner developing a creative plan for the ideation, commission, production and installation of art-infused solutions.

Delivering on the objective of driving sales through a premium art & technological experience we aimed at organically generating PR and media coverage to increase brand awareness.

Be Grand’s showrooms already set them apart from other real estate developers so we took this unique brand property to another level, reflecting their exclusive brand positioning & elevated lifestyle through 2 distinctive installations:

CLARO/OSCURO, a giant monochromatic mural on the showroom exterior was commissioned and brought to life by Ignacio Aldana ‘Soltero’. As well as being a stunning daytime art-piece, at night, the mural also transforms into a glowing, neon infused spectacle creating a stunning landmark out of the wall within Colonia Del Valle.

Taking advantage of the showroom’s existing architecture, a huge light installation created by Candela Studio further highlighted the location’s stunning features. This welcoming art-piece makes for a grand entrance and immediately wraps visitors & potential occupants in the warmth of home.