Hullmark’s Emotophone

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Hullmark’s Emotophone | MASSIVart - Public Art Installations

The Project

Sid Lee Toronto approached MASSIVart to imagine, plan and execute a creative community engagement project for Hullmark, a real estate investment and development firm that is committed to shaping a vibrant and transforming urban Toronto.

The result was an interactive art installation that aimed to inspire love and human connection in the Ossington area. The “Emotophone” at 50 Ossington encourages passersby to fall in love (again) using a famous questionnaire by psychologist Arthur Aron by talking through long twisted pipes while answering questions proven to foster a quick connection between strangers.

Working in partnership with the Ossington BIA – local shops, cafes, and restaurants joined in on the action offering patrons limited time deals and special offers.

This public art initiative is a modern-day cups and string for a game of telephone to get to know a stranger and brings more art and culture to the city of Toronto in a vibrant and unexpected form.

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